Press Release of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival Press Conference

  On March 21, 2019, the press conference of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival was held in the press room of the 9th floor of the Press and Publication Building. While fully affirming the previous achievements, this conference also announced the general plan and highlights of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival. Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, this year’s BJIFF has set the theme as “Home · Land” and launched a series of activities concerning this theme, in a bid to present a special gift to the 70th birthday of the motherland through the light and shadow of movies.

Seven Major Categories of Activities: Exciting and Innovative

  Being established in 2011, Beijing International Film Festival has always advocated the tenet of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future”, and upheld its core value of “Beauty in Variety, Harmony in Diversity”, striving to promote exchanges on films of all countries. The 9th BJIFF, guided by China Film Administration, and jointly sponsored by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and China Media Group, will be held in Beijing on April 13th-20th, 2019. On the basis of inheriting the spirit of the previous sessions, we will strive to focus on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, fully integrate resources and innovate forms to demonstrate the strength of Chinese films.

  The 9th BJIFF will feature such seven major events as the competition section Tiantan Award, Opening Ceremony, Beijing Film Panorama, Theme Forum, Beijing Film Market, Film Carnival, Closing & Awards Ceremony, and the specially-designed Indian Film Week, as well as 300 plus other activities such as Forward Future Section, Film Concert, and Classical Peking Opera Film Section.

  This year’s Tiantan Award will continue to solicit worldwide outstanding films released after January 1, 2018. A total of 15 films shall be shortlisted. At the same time, seven well-known international filmmakers shall form a jury to comprehensively evaluate the films’ ideological, artistic and ornamental standards, etc., and unveil 10 awards at the closing ceremony. The opening and closing ceremony will be respectively held on April 13th and 20th, at the State Production Base of China Film Group in Huairou. Many Chinese and foreign filmmakers and professional elites will appear on the red carpet ceremony. Focusing on the theme of “Home · Land”, BJIFF will kick off grandly in a high-end atmosphere with a solemn sense of films, which will effectively activate the participation of guests. Beijing Film Panorama will be held in 30 commercial theatres, film institutions and universities of Beijing on April 6th-20th. Based on the principle of multi-inclusiveness, communication & sharing, we’ve selected nearly 500 outstanding films with multiple themes and multi-styles around the world, and carefully set up 16 out-of-competition sections including the “Panorama Special- Celebrating the 70th Anniversary year of the Founding of People's Republic of China”, “Focus”, and “the Belt and Road”, providing a rare movie experience for fans. This year’s Theme Forum section shall arrange 6 forums with high-end orientation and forefront focuses. The “Chinese Films Forum for the 70th Anniversary year of the P.R.C.” to be held on April 14th is committed to discussing the Chinese film development and mainstream film creation over the past 70 years since the founding of New China. The “Art Film Forum” to be held on April 15th shall focus on art film creation and theater-curator training. In addition, there is also an “International Digital Cinema Technology Forum” on how film technology practitioners can better realize their ideas and improve their work efficiency, the “International Film Market Forum” focusing on cinema manager training and film promotion, “Internet Film Theme Forum” that domestic mainstream Internet film executives discuss about movies in the era of Internet, and the “China-India Film Corporation Dialogue Forum” that discusses China-India cooperation and exchanges. Beijing Film Market will take place from April 16th to 19th in Beijing International Hotel. Targeted at Chinese and foreign key enterprises, major international cooperation projects, producers, publishers, and investment institutions, it will carry out various activities such as Investment Exhibition, Project Pitches and Contract Signing Ceremony, striving to build a more professional platform of transactions. This year’s Film Carnival is a highlight of Beijing International Film Festival. With the theme of film, there are to be 27 activities in 6 major sections, which will give the audience an opportunity to personally experience the unique charm of films. Besides, there will be a series of exciting activities such as Indian Film Week, Forward Future Section, Film Concert, and Film Promotion.

Beijing Film Panorama Presents an Everlasting Event of Light and Shadow

  This year marks the ninth year of Beijing Film Panorama under Beijing International Film Festival. In order to satisfy everyone’s expectations for this “event of light and shadow”, the organizing committee has selected nearly 500 works which are divided into 16 units. From April 6th on, they will be collectively presented in 30 commercial cinemas, art theaters and college cinemas of Beijing for 15 running days.

  In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of new China, BJIFF Beijing Film Panorama has especially designed Panorama Special- Celebrating the 70th Anniversary year of the Founding of People's Republic of China which will overview the history of the Chinese film industry over the past decades. In addition to film screenings, the film festival will also invite main participants and experts of some key films to the scene to provide rare opportunities for audiences to watch films and exchange ideas. Panorama Special--1939 1959 2019: Adventure of Great Cinematic Times will take audiences into history being based on 1959, which will recall the great filmmakers in history and demonstrate the ceaseless efforts of the Chinese film culture entities via such three sub-sections as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, New Wave Echos, and Chinese Perspective. The “Focus” section is also very eye-catching. The special screenings of many heavyweight directors, including but not limited to Akira Kurosawa, Alfonso Karon, Cai Mingliang, Zhang Lv, are bound to provide a colorful and exciting experience for fans. In addition, Beijing Film Panorama will also gather the award-winning and well-received film masterpieces at various international film festivals over the past year. By taking the Belt and Road as the link, it will showcase the outstanding film works from the countries along the BRI. In addition, this year’s panorama has a number of sections such as “Chinese Stories”, “View” and “Absolute Truth”, which will strive to provide endless light and shadow experience for people of different ages and different viewing styles.

Beijing Film Market being Fully Expanded to Promote Development

  The year’s Beijing Film Market will take place from April 16th to 19th in Beijing International Hotel. Its duration and site area have increased, compared with that in previous years: the time has increased to 4 days, and the area has expanded by 20%. While continuing with the previous two major platforms of “Film Factors” and “Project Pitches”, it has launched the brand-new “Film Copyright Transaction Platform” in a bid to form a more complete industrial chain layout, and highlight Beijing’s urge and influence on the Chinese film market. What is more worthy of expectation is that the Project Pitches section has added the “Works in Progress” for the first time, providing pre-support and post-support for outstanding projects that have obtained the filming license, in a bid to promote the implementation of excellent projects. The Film Copyright Transaction Platform will invite ten internationally renowned copyright dealers to participate in the exhibition, so as to provide a convenient channel for the exchange of Chinese and foreign films, which will effectively promote Chinese culture to “Go Global” and demonstrate the Chinese culture’s charm to the world.

Varied and Colorful Carnival Activities

  The Film Carnival of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival 2019 will continue to be held in the State Production Base of China Film Group, China (Huairou) Film & Television Industry Demonstration Zone. This year’s Film Carnival has planned to organize a total of 27 activities in 6 major sections, aiming to showcase the brilliant achievements of Chinese films over the past 70 years since the founding of New China. The “Hundred-Year Light and Shadow” section will arrange intensive film exhibitions and interactive performances, including classic old films, new filmmakers’ stories, as well as traditional martial arts fighting sessions and classic movie songs concerts, which will provide a grand film feast lasting for half a month for the vast audiences. The “Digital Cinema Technology Experience” section has changed a lot compared to that of last year. In addition to the snow-effect stunt show and the 9DVR virtual battle experience that are popular among the audience, this year will see the creation of a virtual shooting immersive experience with the sci-fi theme. By taking the homemade sci-fi movie The Wandering Earth, which was released at the beginning of the year, it will show visitors the latest visual effects technology of the film industry. Visitors can wear “space suits” and experience the wonders of interplanetary adventures in the simulated “space capsule”. In addition, this year’s Carnival will also create a windmill sea in the entire event venue. The windmills designed due to the inspiration of BJIFF’s LOGO will decorate each activity route, providing visitors with an web-celebrity card-punching site. There are also a lot of colorful experiences such as the live view of the location shooting process, cosplay parade of movie characters, Douyin flash, and the show of Huairou intangible cultural heritage projects. The vast participants will be greatly entertained from them.

List of 30 Cinemas for this Year’s Beijing Film Panorama Unveiled

  In order to provide a comfortable viewing environment for the vast audiences, the 9th Beijing International Film Festival has continued with last year’s cooperative cinema specifications. In the whole scope of Beijing, 30 panorama cinemas in three types have been selected. It includes 4 theme theaters represented by Megabox Sanlitun, 24 commercial theaters represented by Broadway Cinematheque and Poly International Cinema, and two college theaters -- Tsinghua University and Beijing University Of Agriculture Guanghua Cinema. The distribution sites cover the majority of Beijing, and this arrangement that benefits audiences conveniently is conducive to helping film fans in various districts to select the proper theaters and participate in the filming activities easily.

Sign Cooperation Intention with Beijing Film Panorama’s Official Exclusive Ticketing Platform

  Based on the benign cooperation relationship with Taopiaopiao and the high-quality cinema-going experience for film fans in 2018, Beijing International Film Festival and Taopiaopiao have decided to further cooperate this year. The Organizing Committee of Beijing International Film Festival and Taopiaopiao have officially signed a three-year (2019 to 2021) cooperation plan. For the next three years, Taopiaopiao will serve as the exclusive official ticketing platform for Beijing Film Panorama of Beijing International Film Festival. It will fully mobilize its superior resources, and realize convenient participation of all people via interaction of the whole network. Together with BJIFF, it will provide more high-quality film contents and more comfortable viewing experience for all film viewers.

  At present, all the preparatory works of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival have been gradually completed. In the beautiful and vigorous spring, the Organizing Committee of BJIFF heartily welcomes all guests to Beijing to attend the grand annual gathering of the world film industry.

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