Competition of Posters for the 11th BJIFF
“He has changed the way a whole generation and an entire industry observe movies”.
And he is not a producer, a director, or an actor. Instead, he is the poster designer, John Alvin.
The name might sound unfamiliar. However, you must be familiar with Alvin’s posters, e.g., the Blade Runner, Jurassic Park, Lion King, among others.
Disney even invented a term Alvin-izing” to describe the style of Alvin posters full of light and stars.
Alvin’s most famous design is the poster of E.T..
In the poster, we can only see fingers of the E.T. and the child, without the face of the E.T. However, the skin texture and the slender fingers arouse the infinite imaginations of viewers. People can’t wait to walk into the cinema to see the movie and find out what it looks like.
It also became the only movie poster that won the Saturn Prize.

How can we describe the work of the master designer of posters?
He said he used posters to “promise you wonderful experience. He loves movies. He also wants to use poster design to attract more people to see movies. He also wants to attract people into the wonderful screen world with a creative corner.
Posters, as the window to movies, outline the style and temperament of the film. Posters help people learn about the movie, which can even make the film more attractive.
The 11th Beijing International Film Festival is a new beginning. We also hope to use the most unique posters as the sincere invitation to invite the audience to Beijing for the best movies.
In order to collect the poster design ideas for the 11th Beijing International Film Festival and broaden the source channels of excellent posters, the Organizing Committee of the 11th BJIFF officially launched the poster collection competition in the event, in an effort to collect the posters and creative ideas of the 11th BJIFF from the society and professional institutions.

● Our hopes for your posters:
1. The poster design should be original, without infringement or plagiarism.
2. Visually, the poster should have aesthetic feeling and advanced sense. The scene has literary temperament, visual impact and artistic appeal, which is in line with the international aesthetics.
3. The poster content emphasizes on the cultural atmosphere of the film. The scene does not produce ambiguity, and the design is plain and lofty.
4. With Beijing characteristics, the poster shows Beijing’s regional elements or inherits the Chinese traditional culture.
We look forward to seeing more posters with strong film culture atmosphere or skillfully adding film elements, which have “international level, Chinese characteristics and Beijing style”.
From now on until June 1, 2021, contributors can go through the poster collection system of Beijing International Film Festival ( to submit the works.
The Organizing Committee of Beijing International Film Festival will select six winners from the entries through primary selection, shortlisting and final selection.
One first prize, 30,000 RMB Yuan/person
Two second prizes, 20,000 RMB Yuan/person
Three third prizes, 10,000 RMB Yuan/person
The winners will be listed on the official website of Beijing International Film Festival in July 2021 ( synchronous disclosure (The winning works will be collected and copyright agreement will be signed).
Visit the official website of Beijing International Film Festival for detailed requirements and related information.
We look forward to you full of love and creativity. Together with the 11th Beijing International Film Festival, you will draw the most brilliant picture of the future and make the best film promise for the audience.
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