Comrade Du Feijin’s Remarks at the Opening Ceremony of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival

  Esteemed guests,

  Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,

  Welcome! April in Beijing is fabulous. The earth is turning

  green, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing. You can see flowers everywhere in the city. It is the best time of the year to visit Beijing. In the evening, as we gather here near the beautiful and scenic Yanqi Lake, we are celebrating the grand opening of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival. On behalf of China Media Group, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival, I hereby extend my warmest welcome to the Tiantan Award jury president and all jury members, and to filmmakers and film institutions from all over the world. I would like to express our sincere gratitude to our guests attending the opening ceremony, and also to our friends who support Chinese cinema.

  The Beijing International Film Festival in its 8th year is a highly-regarded film festival and grand cultural event that has drawn international attention. Our goal here at the festival is to “Share the Screen, Shape the Future.” The film festival welcomes film talents, serves the public, leads the market, and aims to be international, professional, and creative. With this goal, the Beijing International Film Festival has become an annual cultural feast. Cinema is a universal language. This year’s film festival welcomes 15,000 guests from 300 domestic and international film institutions, from over 50 coun-tries and regions. We all gather together here in Huairou, Beijing, to discuss and explore the future of films, and to promote the development of world cinema. Film is a magical “time machine.” Through films, we can feel the era that we are not able to go back to; through films, we can understand the contemporary society; and through films, we can imagine the future. This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up in China. The Chinese film industry has been through tectonic changes over the past four decades, and witnessed the substantial progress made through Reform and Opening-up. Today’s China has truly become a major country in the world in terms of movie production and distribution. Our past fills us with pride and our future, we so look forward to. Chinese cinema in this new era will document more exciting history and create more glorious miracles. It will show the world a civilized, diverse, poetic and progressive China.

  Beijing is a city with 3,000 years of history, and 800 years as the capital of China. Today, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought On Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, this modern metropolis with ancient roots thrives as the cultural center of the nation. We will maximize the city’s cultural functions, highlight the everlasting charm of Chinese culture, and build a broader platform for the exchange of great cultures from all around the world. Beijing International Film Festival is a major window into the capital’scultural development. Here we invite the best filmmakers from the world and screen a variety of fantastic cinematic works. There is a vibrant film market and audiences filled with enthusiasm. All of these putting together bring about infinite possibilities for the future of cinema. We sincerely hope that friends from all over the world could enjoy Beijing’s most beautiful spring, feast your eyes on the radiant lakes and mountains of this international capital, relish the endless charms of the cinematic art, and, in the end, cherish them as part of your fondest memories.

  Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen!

  Let us march hand in hand in the wave of historical progress. Let us evolve as our times evolve and innovate as cinema innovates. Let us create more cinematic masterworks that are pleasing to the eye and moving to the soul. Let us make BJIFF a cultural feast that bears an international vision, and, at the same time, carries the imprints of both Beijing styles and Chinese characteristics.

  “A breeze brushes, pass the light willows branches. Green mountains and quiet river, laughter fills the fragrant paths.” These lines are from “Everlasting Longing”, by the Southern Song dynasty poet Lin Sheng. Love, friendship and movies, these are the things by which we are so enchanted. I believe you will all have a great time here in Huairou, this Jiangnan- style lakeside town. I wish this year’s Beijing International Film Festival a complete success. Thank you all!


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