Cinema, Beijing. Feast On The Beauty Of Movie Magic.

  This year marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up and is also the 40th year of Chinese films’ struggling to develop. The 8th Beijing International Film Festival takes the theme of “ Work hard to press ahead and keep our mission firmly in mind” and continues to develop Chinese films. On April 13th, Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China chaired investigation symposium of cinematic crea-tion. Under the guidance of National Film Bureau of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the 8th Beijing International Film Festival was grand opened on April 15th.

  Beijing is in the alternating warmth and coldness of April, but the passion of filmmakers and movie fans is not affected at all. Beijing International Film Festival is adhering to the theme of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future”, BJIFF invite a number of outstanding filmmakers from all over the world to witness the latest achievements of world cinema, as well as feel the enthusiasm of Chinese filmmakers and audiences, which demonstrates the opening, inclusive and diverse culture of socialism with Chi-nese Characteristics for a New Era.

  Through the enthusiastic efforts of the Organizing Committee of the BJIFF, the Bei- jing International Film Festival reaches its eighth edition. It not only brings the Tiantan Award’s core value “Beauty in Variety, Harmony in Diversity” to the global filmmakers who participate in the film festival, but also makes millions of audiences feel the charm of the combination of the cinema and national culture.

  Last night, the Opening Ceremony profoundly presented Beijing’s cultural confidence and its long history with film. Leaders who attended the Opening Ceremony included Wang Xiaohui (Executive Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China), Shen Haixiong (Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Com-munist Party of China,President of China Media Group and Chairman of the Organ-izing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival), Zhang Hongsen (Deputy Director of State Administration of Radio and Television and Executive Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festi-val), Du Feijin (Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Director of Municipal Publicity Department and Executive Vice Chair-man of the Organizing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival), Wang Ning (Vice Mayor of Beijing and Executive Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival) , Yu Qun (Party Leadership Group Member of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of Chi-na, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival), to a name of few.

  Du Feijin, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Director of Municipal Publicity Department and Executive Vice Chairman of the Or-ganizing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival, delivered an enthu-siastic speech, hoping that the Beijing International Film Festival “to be built into a cultural feast which can possess wider international perspective, and be more Chinese and Beijing characteristic.” Then, Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of Publicity De-partment of the Communist Party of China,President of China Media Group and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival, announced the opening of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival.

  After eight years’ development, relying on the advantages of the capital location, the Beijing International Film Festival embraces masters, serves the public, leads the market, and shows the world a civilized, colourful, poetic and progressive China. This year, more than 15,000 guests from over 50 countries and regions, 300 Chinese and foreign film companies and institutions will gather at the festival. In the following more than a week’s course, they are going to explore the development of film indus- try, as well as promote the cultural interchanges of films. The Capital Beijing will also take this opportunity to show the charm of Chinese culture and creativity.

  Stars Shinning on the Red Carpet, China Lighting up the Cinema

  The red carpet of the film festival is a moment that filmmakers can enjoy the glory. Last night at the opening ceremony’s red carpet, renowned domestic and foreign filmmakers made Beijing and the film festival even more shining and glorious.

  The Beijing International Film Festival has always been highly regarded by Chinese film professionals. It is an important window to show Chinese film culture to abroad. Chinese people, who think that spring is the best time to do the year’s work, brought their film works to the red carpet. This was the display of their past achievements and also their expectations for the future.

  A large number of domestic film crews attending the opening red carpet showed the vigorous momentum of Chinese films. The director and actor Wu Jing, who broke the Chinese movie box office record with Wolf Warriors 2, appeared on the red carpet and attended the opening ceremony. Director Lin Chaoxian, whose Operation Red Sea attained the second place of Chinese movie box office record ranks, walked the red carpet with Zhang Hangyu, Du Jiang and Huang Jingyu. Their attendance reflect-ed audience’s love to the film and the respect for the creators. Meanwhile, the main crew of the opening film A or B also attend the red carpet, including Xu Zheng and Wang Likun. In addition, The crew of How Long Will I Love You, supervised by Xu Zheng and starred Lei Jiayin and Tong Liya, also appeared on the red carpet.

  Many other Chinese filmmakers also attended the red carpet, including film directors Huang Jianxin, Zhang Yibai and Wang Xiaoshuai. Crew members of Shiori, Romance Gekijo, Lost in Love, I Am Your Mom, Miser, Nobodies, Charlie IX & Dodomo, Walk-ing Past the Future, Just Want to Talk with Strangers, Great Grassland, Poem for You also attended the opening ceremony.

  The juries of this year’s Competition Section-Tiantan Award including jury president, international-renown film director and screenplay writer Wong Kar Wai, Chines actor Duan Yihong, Polish composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, American director, screenplay writer and producer Jonathan Mostow, Romania director Calin Peter Netzer, Swedish director and screenplay writer Ruben ostlund and Chinese actress Hsu Chi also at- tended the red carpet of the opening ceremony yesterday.

  The Chinese actress Celina Jade in the box office hit Wolf Warriors 2 was coming to the opening ceremony brought her new work Hello, Mrs. Money. Kick-Ass star Chloe Grace Moretz and Thai rising actress Chutimon Chuengcharoe nsukying also stepped on the red carpet. These three talented actresses introduced the nominated films in Competition Section. This year, 15 films from 19 counties have been selected into the Competition Section and the crew members of these films will arrive in Bei-jing for the following activities.

  The glorious red carpet is a sign of Chinese economic and cultural development. The booming Chinese film market has gained great benefit from the rapid development of the economy as well as the improvement of China’s cultural soft power. The film not only means producing stars, but also reflects the precious soul of the nation.

  The Flower of Movie Blooming in Beijing

  During last year’s summer and this year’s Chinese New Year, three movies produced and dis-tributed by Beijing became the top three highest grossing movies in China. They are military-themed Wolf Warrior 2, Operation Red Sea, which was based on a true rescue mission, last but not the least comedy Detective Chinatown Vol. 2. In the rising of Chinese film market, the box office success of these three, represents the hunger of Chinese audience, the extraordi- nary contribution of Beijing. The cast and crew of the three films came to the opening cere-mony, witnessing the first big cinema event of the year.

  In the opening ceremony, using those three movies as an opportunity, the cast and crew of three films launched the Operation Tiantan, bonding a new ten-year promise to never forget what we started and always remember our mission. Beijing, being the capital of the second largest film market in the world, provides harmonious and diverse creating environment and works hard to press ahead for the future of China and the world’s cinema.

  After the red carpet, aside from Operation Tiantan, the Opening Ceremony officially began with the song “Gathering in Beijing” to welcome the domestic and foreign guests. It also ex- presses the meaning that a new age and a new journey is starting. In Beijing, the spring of Chinese films has arrived.

  Beijing is a city which has a long history of cinema. The first Chinese film Dingjun Mountain starring Peking Opera master Tan Xinpei in 1905 was made in Beijing. The Opening Ceremony inherited the history and culture, showed the close interaction be-tween Chinese culture and cinema. The famous singer Wang Leehom created the song Legend of the Dragon based on Dingjun Mountain. He performed the song with Tan’s seventh generation descendant, young Beijing Opera artist Tan Zhengyan. Their co- operation not only presented the tribute to the Chinese films and filmmakers, but also showed the extraordinary charm of the Chinese culture.

  Jury President of Tiantan Award Wong Kar Wai stepped on the stage with six other jury members. Wong gave a speech, talking about the standard of great movies in his opinion. We are looking forward to each award which will beawarded under his pres-idency.

  The famous singer Karen Mok combined singing with acting perfectly, brought new adaptions of three classic songs, Let there be Light, The love of my life, The brightest star in the night sky, and made it into a new Musical about movie, The City of Time, which showed the art of light and shadow in the beautiful endless melody.

  The host, Dicky Cheung, also brought the large-scale Kongfu Show True Hero, which led the audience to review the unique charm of Chinese Kongfu.

  Beijing is the gathering place of the core resources of Chinese films. At the same time,is also improving the construction of the national cultural centre and international communication centre. The Beijing International Film Festival in the new era, demon-strates political heights, international perspectives and the mind of the capital, focuses on the new movies, relying on the new power of Chinese films, market and new influ-ence to support the development of the film festival and Chinese films, consolidates the status of The Capital of Films, creating the brand of Beijing city culture, promotes the culture and creative industries in Beijing.

  The Opening of Beijing International Film Festival

  With the hugely successful opening ceremony, the 8th Beijing International Film Fes-tival officially begins. A large number of activities in BJIFF will take place from now on to 22 April. There are seven major events including the Competition Section Tiantan Award, Opening Ceremony, Out- of-Competition Section, Theme Forum, Film Market, Film Carnival, as well as Closing and Award Ceremony. Apart from the major events, more than 300 special activities are also going to be held during the fes-tival, like Forward Future Section, Documentary Section, International Digital Cine-ma Technology Forum, Film Concert, Film Salon and film press conferences.

  Since the four decades of reform and opening up, Chinese film market has undergone enormous changes, witnessing so many box office records. In 2017, China mainland has produced 970 films, including 798 fiction films, 32 animations, 68 science and education films, 44 documentaries and 28 special genre films. The total box office in mainland China has reached 55.911 billion RMB, which has increased 13.45% com-pared with 2016. Chinese films also earned 4.253 billion RMB box office grossing among the international market, which has increased 11.19% compared with 2016. Meanwhile, there are 9597 new big screens in 2017 and the total number of screens all over the country has reached 50776.

  Behind these figures, there is the state’s support to the film industry and all Chinese film professionals’ devotion. Beijing International Film Festival reflects the sharing and win-win spirit of Chinese filmmakers. It also absorbs the essence of the global film industry with the humanistic spirit and international perspective. Beijing Interna-tional Film Festival is a professional and international event for all the film lovers. Our guests will find themselves surrounded by famous film masters and valuable film resources during the festival.

  Alongside the development of Chinese film industry, Beijing International Film Fes-tival will also continue to improve itself. We believe this unique cultural activity will become one of the most significant and influential events in Beijing.

  Now, both the quality and the quantity of the of nominations are making progress. At the same time, the number of the film showed during the festival, the box office of the festival, as well as the deals during the film market also are all keeping increasing. The festival is drawing the attention of international filmmakers and received many applauses. There is no doubt that Beijing International Film Festival is going to be an international, professional, innovative and market- oriented film event, as well as to be a platform for international communication in the future.

  April is the best season in Beijing. A confident, opening and diverse China welcomes all the guests attending Beijing International Film Festival and wish you a great time.

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