RMB26.0825 Billion Signed Volumes - Satisfactory Con-tract Signing Results at the 8th BJIFF

  On April 20, 2018, Film Market Contract Signing Cere-mony for the 8th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) took place at the Beijing International Hotel. A total of 38 key projects of 79 enterprises entered into contracts. The to-tal signed volumes reached RMB26.0825 billion, an increase of approximately 49% year-on-year, which set a new high again.

  As one of the most important parts of Film Market, the consecutive Beijing International Film Festival Film Market Contract Signing Ceremonies attract extensive attention of all walks of life through a series of popular films, contract signing and partnership with related enterprises for heavy-weight projects. These events not only boost the morale of the film industry and afford opportunities for industry profes-sionals to communicate and exchange views, but also offer a platform for cross-industry cooperation and resource integra-tion in the whole film industry.

  Total signed volumes of seven projects from China Film Co., Ltd. are up to RMB5 billion, and high expecta-tions are drawn to the co-production films.

  Upon the start of the 8th Beijing International Film Fes-tival Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony, Hu Dong, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and Executive Vice Secretary-General of the 8th Beijing International Film Fes-tival Organizing Committee addressed the ceremony. He said that the Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony for the Bei-jing International Film Festival not only provided a platform for cross-industry cooperation and resource integration in the whole film industry, but also became an important window for enhancing cultural self-confidence and promoting ex-change and cooperation between China and foreign coun-tries. Hu Dong spoke highly of great achievements of the film market.

  Subsequently, 79 enterprises and institutions successive-ly appeared on the stage and signed contracts for key pro-jects. Among them, “Cooperation Intention for Hangzhou China Film City Project”, undertaken by China Film Co., Ltd., was successfully reached, for which investment of RMB4.26 billion (Phase I) was earmarked. Hangzhou China Film City will emerge as a world-class Chinese international film-focused cultural exchange hub. 

  At the Film Market Contract Signing Ceremony for the 8th Beijing International Film Festival, contracts were signed for seven projects of China Film Co., Ltd., which realized signed volumes up to RMB5 billion. China Film Co., Ltd. Film Production Company has been working with Beijing YoShow Film & TV Production Co., Ltd. and AAA Group to co-produce the film Visa; with Emei Film Group and Migu Culture Technology Co., Ltd. to co-invest and co-produce the film Panda Maruko; with Haimo Culture to develop in-depth cooperation; with Horgos Baian Films to enter into a three-year framework agreement; with Jinyi Cinemas to develop a comprehensive laser upgrading cooperation; and with Orange Fruit Films and Horgos Yongxu Films to establish “China Film and Television Agent Training Program”.

  In the context of exchange and cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, the cooperative relationship be-tween China and Spain constantly becomes closer, while in-creasingly frequent cultural exchanges are carried out. Dingjunshan Films Co., Ltd., Gansu Zhongmao Weiye Cul-ture Investment Management Group, Beijing Yingtian Pic-tures Co., Ltd. and Spanish producer Joaquin Pérez Mateo al-so signed contracts for five animation films under co-production plan, such as Bikes The Movie 1 & 2, Libo’s Planet, Nino Man, The Pirates, etc. The total signed volumes reached about RMB600 million. This writes a new chapter for exchange and cooperation between Chinese and Spanish film industries.

  Numerous film and television funds are launched and super animation IPs are created through win-win cooper-ation.

  Five funds were made public at the press conference. Among them, signing ceremonies of “Zhijiang Cultural Tourism Industry Fund” and “East Taihu International Film and Television Cultural Industry Base – East Taihu Film and Television Cultural Industry Fund” held the spotlight. The former is a cultural and tourism fund governed by East Wave Film Group, which will launch overall layout and continuous investment in culture, tourism, and film and television, and give birth to a world-class brand representing China’s soft power and Chinese culture influence. The latter witnesses the partnership among Daisy Companies, Symbiosis Alliance and Suzhou Taihu New City Wujiang Administrative Com-mittee, and aims to push forward the development of film, television and cultural industries.

  IIESTAR and China Music reached cooperation inten-tion for “Super Series IP Visual Script Writing, Distribution and Promotion, Foreign High-quality Copyright Investment, Consulting and Incubation” with signed volumes of RMB150 million. Both enterprises will join hands to give birth to a Chinese animation super IP.

  After the contract signing of key projects, Yang Shuo, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Copyright), Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee announced the total signed volumes, and summa-rized the performance of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival Film Market at all aspects. According to him, with the year-by-year increase in signed volumes, people really understand that the Chinese film market is taking off, and the film industry is forging ahead towards a flourishing era. (Ap-pendix: Script for Leader’s Closing Remarks)

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