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Ticket-snatching Strategy for the 8th Beijing International Film Festival

  Beijing Film Panorama of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival will be held on April 6-23, with a total of 328 films to be screened.
  Compared with former festivals, this year’s BJIFF has greatly increased the panorama number of domestic films which reach a relative balance with foreign ones.
  Some specially precious images such as Yesterday’s Wine directed by Xia Gang in 1995 and The Stormy Night directed by Zhu Shouju in 1926 will be presented to the audiences again.
Stills of Yesterday’s Wine
  This year’s panorama consists of 18 units, including the newly-added Midnight and VR Unit
  Such heated thrillers as Stephen King's It and Get Out have been enrolled into Midnight unit, which will be screened at night of each Friday and Saturday. This measure has learnt from the western countries’ international film festivals.
  The newly-added VR Unit is also a close fashion-follow of Venice International Film Festival. A total of 8 short films worldwide will be screened.
Stills of Stephen King's It
   It is mentionable that some new ideas will be added to each year’s Beijing International Film Festival. For this year’s Out-of-Competition Section, there will be many mutually-saluted or mutually-related films screened together which will enable film fans to compare.
The Seven Samurai and Isle of Dogs
  The most typical example is Isle of Dogs and The Seven Samurai.
  Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs paid tribute to Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai several times. Therefore, we can watch The Seven Samurai before watching Isle of Dogs.
  Besides, The Seven Samurai screened this time is a restored version, which is also the dearest film in this year’s Beijing International Film Festival, with the ticket being 150 yuan.
My Life to Live and The Passion of Joan of Arc
  Besides, Jean-Luc Godard’s My Life to Live paid tribute to Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc. It is recommended that these two films be watched successively.
  Both Keisuke Kinoshita and Shohei Imamura directed Ballad of Narayama, which are recommended to be watched together.
Two versions of Ballad of Narayama are to be screened.
  In addition to these above films, you must still be vexed and dazzled at the screening list.
  The following cinema-going guidance has made allocations according to east, west and north Beijing. You can make choices according to your location. Hurry to arrange your list, and prepare to dwell in the cinemas!
  West Beijing
  Selected cinemas: China Film Archive, Jackie Chan Cinema Wukesong, Inside-out Theatre
  There are only a limited and fixed few cinemas in West Beijing that participate in BJIFF Panorama each year.
  China Film Archive has always been the major battlefield, with fairly various genres of screened films. So it has been the priority choice of many film fans. However, here’s a desert for food. You would have to drive one kilometer away to enjoy food at Fenglan International Shopping Center.
  Jackie Chan Cinema Wukesong and Inside-out Theatre are located more westward, which are not suitable for audiences willing to travel far to see films.
  China Film Archive Xiaoxitian
  For this film screening, China Film Archive Xiaoxitian has especially upgraded to 4K laser projector, in a bid to bring about a better experience for fans.
  According to exhibition designer Sha Dan, the screening effect equals to Dolby Cinema, with 3D screening being totally ok. It is suggested that audiences take China Film Archive as the main venue.
Bangzi Melody and Woman-Demon-Human
  The screened films this time focus on restored films, Chinese films and masterpieces.
  No. 2 room of China Film Archive has almost undertaken all Chinese film screenings, including such units as 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, Glorious Chinese Films, Female Power, and Zhang Yimou Unit.
  The film Bangzi Melody deserves special attention, as its director is the son of Woman-Demon-Human’s director. The two films will be screened successively. Director Zheng Dasheng will be present to intercourse with on-site audiences.
The following Chinese films deserve special attention:
  For the Masterpiece section, China Film Archive will emphatically screen films by  Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, Feng Hsu and Karwai Wong. This year, only one of Wes Anderson’s films are to be shown here--Isle of Dogs. The newly-added Midnight thrillers are also to be screened here.
The following films deserve special attention:
  Jacket Chan Cinema (Beijing Wukesong)
  Jackie Chan Cinema Wukesong has collected the films of all major units, including President of the Jury Section and Blockbusters unit. There are such classic films as Jules and Jim, and Twenty-Four Eyes, as well as such new small-mass films as Maudie and Madame Hyde.
Put Jules and Jim on show to commemorate Jeanne Moreau
The following films deserve special attention:
  Inside-out Cinema
  Inside-out Theatre is relatively in a remote area. It is located at No. 65, Xingshikou Road, Haidian District. Audiences can take No. 6 Subway to the terminal Haidian Wuluju, and then walk about 18 minutes westward.
  It is mentionable as the Theatre Live part are all screened here. The widely-anticipated stage play Angels in America starred by Andrew Garfield will be successively screened at 13:30 on April 14 and 15, with the fare being 300 in total.
  Besides, the films of Glorious China Film, Zhang Yimou and Ingmar Bergman will also be screened here. No list of them are to be made here.
  East Beijing
  Selected cinemas: Wanda Cinema CBD, Megabox Sanlitun, Hoyts Cinema Heshenghui, Jackie Chan Ciyunsi, CGV Indigo, Broadway Center MOMA
  For previous years, film fans in east Beijing might run to China Film Archive in the west to see a film which was quite troublesome. So, several new cinemas in east Beijing have been added to this year’s Beijing International Film Festival Panorama. Many classic films shall be screened in these cinemas. After viewing the list, you will find that you can also see BJIFF’s good films in east Beijing.
  Suggested route: Wanda Cinema——Hoyts Cinema Heshenghui, Jackie Chan Ciyunsi, CGV Indigo
  This route must be emphatically mentioned, as these several cinemas are all located along No.14 Subway which are very convenient to transfer to and fro.
  Wanda Cinema CBD has covered the Batman series and X-Men series in the Blockbusters unit, as well as such old films as Days of Being Wild and My Life to Live, and such award-winning films as The Square and Loveless.
Stills of Batman: The Dark Knight
Stills of Days of Being Wild
  Hoyts Cinema Heshenghui which is not far from Wanda Cinema CBD is a new cinema. Its Dolby screening effect is quite good.
  The screened films here include Titanic Dolby version, and large quantities of foreign films, documentaries in the Global Horizon unit as well as the opening film A or B. This cinema is located in a shopping mall. At the mall gate you will see No. 14 subway which is very convenient for film fans.
  Jackie Chan Cinema Ciyunsi is equally near Wanda CBD Cinema. What this cinema screens includes restored version films and foreign new films such as Yellow Earth, The Horse Thief, and Let the Sunshine In. The fans wishing to see Avengers series can also choose this cinema.
  However, to transfer from Wanda to Ciyunsi is not very convenient in traffic. A shared bicycle is a must. You can ride on a shared bicycle there from No. 1 Subway Sihui Station or No. 6/14 Subway Jintailu Station.
Stills of Avengers
  CGV Indigo Cinema is located near Jiangtai Station of No. 14 Subway. Some films of Ingmar Bergman and Pedro Almodovar will be screened here.
  Film fans can well put these cinemas together to arrange their cinema-going agenda. The films deserving special attention can refer to the following summary sheet.
Stills of The Skin I live In by Almodóvar
 Wanda Cinema CBD

Stills of Titanic
 Hoyts Cinema Heshenghui

Stills of Let the Sunshine In
Jacket Chan Cinema Ciyunsi

Stills of I, Tonya
CGV Indigo

Suggested route: Megabox (Sanlitun)
  The reason why we take Megabox Sanlitun out alone is that it is located in a prosperous business circle, which is suitable for everyone to see a film and have fun at the same time.
  The films to be screened in Megabox Sanlitun focus on Global Horizon, Theatre Live, Documentary Section, and Masterpieces, with various genres. Almost all funs can find the film type to their best taste.
Stills of Claire's Camera
The following films deserve special attention:
To mention specifically: Broadway Center MOMA
  Broadway Center MOMA which is located near Dongzhimen mainly screens Chinese films and Almodóvar unit.
  In previous years, many films of the Master unit were screened here. This year, only Pedro Almodovar’s films are available here.
  Almodóvar is a well-known Spanish director. His works mostly pay attention to the females’ destiny. The screened films this time are all very important films in his various stage. The Chinese film part can also refer to the recommended list of China Film Archive above.
Stills of All About My Mother
  Pay special attention to Almodóvar’s works and Chinese films in some activities:
  North Beijing
Selected cinemas: New Colorful Clouds Cinema, UME Anzhen
  The cinemas participating in Beijing International Film Festival panorama are relatively scattered in location, including UME Huaxing, New Colorful Clouds Cinema, UME Anzhen, MEGABOX Zhongguancun.
  However, some cinemas’ film list is indeed not in popular demand, and the screening number is not large. So what we choose are all the cinemas that screen the popular films.
 New Colorful Clouds Cinema
  The IMAX room of New Colorful Clouds Cinema has been the favorite place of film fans in each year’s Beijing International Film Festival. With bigger screen and more seats, ticket-snatching is relatively easier.
  The screening list of New Colourful Clouds Cinema IMAX Hall includes works of Karwai Wong, Ingmar Bergman, Almodóvar, and Wes Anderson.
Stills of Eros
The following films deserve special attentions:
UME International Cineplex (Anzhen)
  In previous years, UME Huaxing would always present plenty of good films. However, this year, there’re fewer choices except some new foreign films such as Barbara and One Day Lover.
  UME Anzhen has actually arranged lots of Chinese films instead. Therefore, you can well put UME Huaxing aside and choose Anzhen cinema instead.
Stills of End of Summer
The following films deserve special attentions: