Time: August 26 to September 13,2020

  (I) Recommended Film Exhibition

  The 27th Beijing College Student Film Festival will release the Organizing Committee’s recommended films with a range of film screening activities.The Film Exhibition will include excellent domestic films to summarize and present excellent achievements of domestic films over the past year.

  (II) Youth Film Exhibition

  Youth-themed films accompany the growth of young people and carry the audience's youthful memories. Young directors represent the future of the Chinese film, leading the trends of the Chinese film in the new era. The Youth Film Exhibition will present five excellent domestic films along with an academic discussion section, focusing on the theme of the growth and changes of the young, and the creative style and unique insights of young directors.

  (III) Documentary & Animation Exhibition

  Documentary refelcts the uniqueness of the time and realistic lifestyles.While the Chinese animation, with its history of a hundred years, has developed its unique and local aesthetic style and artistic expression. The Documentary & Animation Exhibition will bring five outstanding domestic documentary films and animations along with an academic discussion section, with a focus on the social life style and individual life experience of China in the new era, and giving full play to the documentary studies and production tradition at Beijign Normal University. Centering on discussions around domestic narratives, local storytelling and visual style from different perspectives and unique expression, the animation section aims to promote the rejuvenation of China’s animation school in an allaround way.