In 2014, the Beijing International Film Festival set up the Forward Future Section, inviting directors from all over the world for their first or second feature film, aiming to encourage the spirit of film innovation, stimulate the creative vitality of film art, discover and introduce new filmmaker, and promote the cooperation and exchanges between young filmmakers of all countries. The 11th Beijing International Film Festival has upgraded the Forward Future Section, inviting five famous filmmakers to form an international jury to decide on seven honors from the 14 selected films, namely, the "Most Popular Feature Film", "Most Popular Director", "Most Popular Screenplay", "Most Popular Actress", "Most noteworthy Actor", "Most Popular Artistic Contribution" and "Special Mention Film by the Jury".
This year, we have invited Tony Rayns as the jury President of the Forward Future Section of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival, and Yannis Sakaridis, Huang Lu, Shuang Xuetao and Shen Yang as the jury members.