Shortlist of “Forward Future Section” Released with Diversified Global Vision and Rich Perspectives
The "Forward Future Section" of the 11th BJIFF will be held from August 4 to September 27, 2021 to recruit the directors worldwide for the first or second long feature films. From the perspective of internationalization and diversification, this section is committed to touching the cutting-edge expressions of young creators, encouraging the film innovations, stimulating artistic creativity, fully supporting the development of newcomers and deepening the promotion of industrial exchanges. 
Since the "Forward Future Section" of the BJIFF was established in 2014, many stunning rookies have attracted the attention of domestic and foreign industries from this stage. Some excellent films, such as Kaili Blues, Papusza, Crossing The Border-Zhaoguan and A Russian Youth, have not only demonstrated the unique thinking of young creators in the new era, but also represented their unremitting pursuit of film art. 
The 14 films shortlisted in the "Forward Future Section" this year come from 16 countries and regions all over the world with diversified types and rich perspectives, which fully demonstrate the manner of “Forward Future Section” to focus on international perspective, extensively display outstanding new films and vigorously support young filmmakers. 
Shortlist of “Forward Future Section” of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival  
Tony Rayns will be specially invited to act as the President of the International Jury of “Forward Future Section” at the 11th BJIFF while Yannis Sakaridis, Huang Lu, Shuang Xuetao and Shen Yang will be invited to act as the jury members. The five senior filmmakers with different professional backgrounds will decide on seven honors from the 14 films shortlisted, namely, the "Most Popular Feature Film", "Most Popular Director", "Most Popular Screenplay", "Most Popular Actress", "Most Popular Actor ", "Most Popular Artistic Contribution" and "Special Mention Film by the Jury".
Then, the 14 films shortlisted in "Forward Future Section" this year will also be screened during the 11th BJIFF to witness the contribution to the world of lights and shadows with all the film fans. To focus on the rise of young filmmakers, the progress of film industry, the development of film market and the prosperity of film creation, please stay tuned to the "Forward Future Section" of the 11th BJIFF!