Que Sera Sera

Project Name: Que Sera Sera
Language: China/Chinese/2021
Type / theme: Feature Film/102 mins
Director: Ya Qin
Cast: Huanyu NING, Jiaxin LI
Business Demand: Financing, Sales, International Distribution, Theatrical Distribution, Internet Distribution etc.
Synopsis of the story: To earn the bride price of marriage and escape from his father, Qin Fen leaves his hometown to work. However, he is cheated into pyramid selling organization. His careful father discovers, managing to rescue his son but only to be cheated. Qin Fen escapes from the den. But soon after, his father dies in an accident on his way home. After the funeral, Qin Fen learns why his father had gone out to earn money and discovers the truth that his parents had been cheated.
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