Together Again is about reunion after the COVID-19 outbreak, a call for bright future, absolute confidence and open mind. Such absolute confidence originates from BJIFF’s diligence and commitment to promoting exchanges between China’s and international film community, and growth of China’s film industry. In particular, during the current global pandemic, the BJIFF managed to overcome all kinds of challenges, keep its promises to filmmakers and fan, and put unremitting efforts in delivering an eventful online film festival via new technologies and methods. Open mind means openness to the world, feelings and thoughts, traditions and innovations. Openness leads to greatness. Together Again represents indefinite possibilities, which is more exciting. Despite the temporary standstill of society, the pandemic has refreshed our way of thinking and acting. We will get rid of fancy packaging and go back to our original aspirations; put current data aside and leap forward; leave past glory behind and we keep creating! Together Again means reunion of passion for and vitality of films and free imagination. The BJIFF has been committed to building this shared dream for ten years, and remained firmly true to its original aspirations. This shared dream of film has become cornerstone over the past decade; on such cornerstone glory thrives and blossoms. Together Again will be demonstrated with a free thinker in a three-act play in which a virtual acapella choir introduces four young filmmaking professionals to the fantastic music journey. The children choir expresses Chinese and foreign filmmakers’ confidence in and expectation towards our fight against the pandemic. In act one, Reunion and Love presents how, in the extraordinary 2020, our souls are opening more windows to films. That silver lining from films will always light up our passion, aspirations, exploration and discovery, and drive us to relive happy moments and regain confidence at this moment in such a world. Act two is Reunion and Departure. No matter at which stage of your life, we can always restart to pursue our dreams. The BJIFF has been fulfilling this shared dream from its birth to growth over the past decade. It remains true to the very original aspirations and strides firmly forward. Three senior filmmaking professionals will give speeches and debate about innovation in films, and their clash of thoughts will reflect Chinese filmmakers’ creativity and wisdom. As for act three, Reunion and Imagination shows how BJIFF surpasses boundaries and leads new direction. At the fireside chat, renowned film casts will show up. In the end, a mashup of smiley faces of characters in films and online users will be presented signifying that we are all in this together, keep our faith and hope high, and we will get together again at the 11th BJIFF.