The Closing Ceremony & "Tiantan Awards" Ceremony of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival will be held on the evening of April 20, 2019, inside the State Production Base of China Film Group.

  The Closing Ceremony and "Tiantan Awards" Presentation Ceremony of this edition of the Film Festival will revolve around "home" and "country" at the core, follow the "dream" and take the form of 'tree" as they utilize robust vitality, magical imagination and artistically respectful concentration to combine the dreaminess of lights and shades, the dreamland that is the stage and the dreams for artistic pursuit in an exhibition of the dreams of cinema, the beauty in life and sentiments for the country.

  The overall event design will emphasize the temporal themes of homeland, and is founded upon a professional attitude, exquisite design, oriental aesthetics and humanistic sentiments. The 9th Beijing International Film Festival Closing Ceremony and Award Presentation Ceremony will center on award presentations, salutations and sentimental expressions as key elements. The "ambassadors of dream" will instigate revery of dreams, then the various hotly anticipated and highly coveted awards will be revealed, award-winners will speak from the depths of their hearts, and the link between Chinese dream and world dream and the connection between dream of the cinema and dream of the arts will be established.

  Ten awards, ten dreams, ten ambassadors of dream will gather the profundity, infinity and glory of dreams.

  With "international vision, Chinese expression, Beijing disposition," the Closing Ceremony of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival will showcase to the world the cultural profundity and aesthetic value of Chinese films, and construct a platform where worldwide film-makers will realize their dreams. Let us remain true to our original aspiration and jointly embrace the future.