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  Beijing International Film Festival Documentary Section (BJIFF DOC in brief) is an independent sector initiated in 2014, which has been successfully held four times.

  Theme of Documentary Section 2018: New Era, New Mission

  Each year’s Documentary Section features such activities as forums, panorama and salons, which can greatly promote the development and amalgamation of the documen-tary industry. In order to better host this year’s Documentary Section, and explore the exchange and cooperation of TV media and influential universities in China in terms of industry, academics and research, Beijing TV Station (BTV) Documentary Channel and Communication University of China shall join hand with China Intercontinental Communication Center to organize the activities of the 2018 BJIFF DOC.

  This year’s Documentary Section will center around the theme of New Era, New Mission, and strive to explore the path for the development of documentary films and reform & development of the documentary industry. Major events of the 2018 Docu-mentary Section include: Documentary Section’s yearly works and awards issuance; Theme Forum: New Era, New Mission; Thematic forum of Belt and Road media communication; Comprehensive and Strategic Partnership Agreement Singing Ceremo-ny of Beijing TV Station (BTV) Documentary Channel and Communication University of China; Strategic Cooperation Agreement Singing Ceremony of BTV Documentary Channel, CRTA Documentary Committee, Communication University of China and Beijing Tiancheng Jiahua Culture Medium Co., Ltd.; Contract Signing Ceremony of BTV Documentary Channel and Communication University of China Image Move-ment Training Camp on jointly producing the large-sized series of documentary Post-1990s; Opening Film Heart of the Tiger meet-and-greet with audiences; Inaugural cer-emony of The Great Wall international version and Time of Belt and Road program; Second-season release of documentary Heart of the Tiger and By River Lalin; Forum of winter Olympics image, etc.



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