Hosted by: Organising Committee of BJIFF

  Organized by: Documentary Program Center of Beijing TV, NeoMedia Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

  Co-organized by: Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, China Intercontinental Communication Centre

  Strategic Partners: Communication University of China, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, Documentary Committee of CARFT, Council of Doc China, Documentary Center of BNU, Beijing Documentary Development Association

  In 2014 the Documentary Sector (DOC) was launched as an independent sector of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF). BJIFF Doc kicks off every mid-April concurrently with BJIFF. Upon the success of previous sectors, it builds a platform for work screening and exchanges among participants.

  BJIFF Doc's mission: Explore Frontiers and Integrate Cross-sectors.

  In 2019 Beijing Documentary and NeoMedia Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will organise the sixth BJIFF Doc, exploring and promoting development in China’s documentary film and documentary video industry and market.

  BJIFF Doc this year under the theme of “Era of Media Convergence and Documentary Films”, is committed to exploring the media convergence and documentary films’ path of development in the era of big data.

  The schedule of 2019 BJIFF DOC mainly includes: Release of the 2019 BJIFF Doc-Sector recommendations; opening film production team workshop; forum: Era of Media Convergence and Documentary Films, to probe into the leading role of new media in modern communication; 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Press Release, co-organized by Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and Beijing Documentary, including introduction to Winter Olympics and Winter Film Program, release of relevant Theme Film Program and Young Director Program; Science Documentary Summit, under the theme of context and target audiences of science documentaries, to discuss how to create a link between science and audiences by means of documentary by case study; forum: Documentary Videos and Technical Progress, to introduce the management process and post-production experience for filming with 4K and 8K technology; other workshops and forums, and so on.