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    Beijing International Film Festival Network Film Section is sponsored by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and Beijing Internet Information Office, and organized by Beijing Internet Association and Beijing Netcasting Services Association, which aims to integrate domestically influential Internet video platforms, gather creative and thoughtful network film creation talents and promote the prosperous development of network film research and the network film industry by concentrated panorama of high-quality network cinematographic works with shared value for publicity.
    The 7th Beijing International Film Festival Network Film Section is a result achieved by broadening and deepening the new trends and new directions of the development of new media film-television industry based on successfully holding the three sessions of Micro Film Festival. It includes such constituent parts of fine work online panorama, “innovation & integration” network film industry seminar, Network Film Section review meeting and so on, exploring how to support, encourage and regulate network films at all levels through an integration of online and offline activities.
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