Explore Scientific World, Experience Film Charm

  On April 12th, 2019, the Youth Science Film Sector of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival & the 1st Beijing International Adolescents Science Film Festival took place at the Beijing Science Center. The activity is a new section of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF). With the theme "Explore Science, Chase Dreams", it aims to enlighten the youth for the scientific dream and improve their scientific trait through film technologies, support them in serving the country by science, and display the mental outlook and cultural confidence of the youth with Chinese style and Beijing emotions.

  The Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST); Zheng Liping, member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice President of the Hebei Association for Science and Technology; Sun Xiaofeng, member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice President of BAST; Jiang Dongmei, a famous environmental expert, Founder of International Youth Science Fair for Discovery Videos and Honorary President of the Hong Kong Youth Science Academy; Wei Hongxiang, Associate Researcher at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ke Zhonghua, Director of the Popular Science Business Division, Xinhuanet; Li Ting, Chief of the Division of Popular Science Activities, Children & Youth Science Center, China Association for Science & Technology; Zhao Bo, Deputy Director of the Financial & Economic Program Center, Beijing TV Station; Zhang Xiaohu, Director of the Beijing Youth Activity Center; and He Suxing, Director of the Beijing Science Center.

  Sima Hong delivered an address. As a science popularization activity displaying the outstanding scientific film talent of the youth, Beijing International Adolescents Science Film Festival integrating knowledge, science and interest is an important form of encouraging and guiding the youth in exploring the scientific world, experiencing media technologies and demonstrating experimental results, said Sima. With the attention and support of the Organizing Committee of the BJIFF, youth science films have been included in the BJIFF this year for the first time, she noted, adding that the activity would boost the creation and popularization of science film resources, and promote the high-end and internationalized development of the event.

  Following the opening ceremony, the youth displayed their elaborately prepared works. The students from home and abroad participated with 38 entries by cast and crew. They presented their results enthusiastically. From The Hatch of Chick Without Shell exploring the secrets of life to Measure the River for the Hometown themed wetland protection, all entries showed the participants' exploration of science and fantastic ideas of integrating films with science.

  Besides, Beijing International Adolescents Science Film Festival will also include Science Film Salon, Science Films and Traditional Workshop, BJIFF Carnival, etc. With the theme "Return of Han Costume", Science Films and Traditional Workshops will open a science film and Han costume workshop, to give the students the opportunity to learn the structure of Han costume, know the history of Han costume, experience the design and production of Han costume, record the full process of Han costume production through shooting. After that, they could create science films in forms such as documentary and micro-film.

  These colorful activities enabled the youth to access to advanced film technologies at close range and experience the scientific and artistic charm of film & television works. The youth will create outstanding science films as the gift for the 70th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China.