Online BJIFF-Class-Sunac Culture Animation Class Opens

  Real stuff of animation is coming. The Online BJIFF-Class-Sunac Culture Animation Class will open on August 23.

  The class, jointly delivered by the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) and Sunac Culture, is the first online class of the BJIFF covering the complete industry system of animation, and is one of the online activities during the 10th "Online BJIFF".

  The class will be offered in 8 sessions. Sunac Culture's animation professionals will be invited to introduce the history and current situation of the animation industry at home and abroad, the process of animated film production, the derivative development and planning of animation IP, and other key topics surrounding the animation industry, to systematically present real stuff in the entire ecosystem of the animation industry.

  Launch time: Since August 23, 2020

  Platforms: Official website of the Beijing International Film Festival, "Online BJIFF" zone of iQIYI, Bilibili official account of Sunac Culture

  "Online BJIFF-Class" will be there for you on August 23!