April – The Best Time to “Hear” the Best Films at the 9th BJIFF “Ode to Spring – Beijing International Film Festival Film Concert” Held in Beijing


  On the night of April 14th, the “Ode to Spring –Beijing International Film Festival Film Concert” was successfully held in Beijing Zhongshan Park Music Hall. As an annual event of BJIFF, the concert has been widely recognized for its modernity, artistic performance, professionalism and international influence.

  This year, China Broadcasting Film Symphony Orchestra was invited to perform under the direct of Sun Ying, a famous young conductor. The orchestra made a great performance during the whole event.

  When the concert started, the melodies lingering around the ears guided the audience into a multitude miraculous film worlds, which were exciting, amazing or sorrowful.

  The concert was composed of three chapters. Chapter I Land · Legend (composed by Shi Wanchun) started with Founding Ceremony, arousing massive applauds and struck a chord among audiences. Then, a trilogy - Beginning of the Great Revival, The Founding of an Army and The Founding of a Republic was performed, unfolding a magnificent scroll created by various instruments to audiences. The Eternal Love from The East Is Red and Velvet Flowers from The Little Flower expressed our love to the motherland; a suite - Red Sorghum and Yellow Earth brought back the youth with passions to the audiences.

  In the Chapter II Classics·Eternity, audiences enjoyed a series of classic foreign works, such as Gone with the Wind by Max Steiner, Gladiator by Hans Zimmer, Castle in the Sky by Joe Hisaishi and Jane Eyre by John Williams, each of which was carried with melodious memories of the films. The music of How to Train Your Dragon, La La Land, Titanic and Frozen, all of which are the Hollywood high-quality films in recent years, were also performed in the hall.

  The Chapter III Time·Dream consisted of the music from famous domestic films. The Monkey King: Hero Is Back, Lotus Lantern and Big Fish & Begonia showed audiences the musical miracles of animations. The Hawthorn Tree, The Wandering Earth and Days of Tomorrow created an endless sentimental atmosphere and impressed all the audiences. These films filled with Chinese culture are undoubtedly the best works for audiences. In the end, a classic track My Motherland from Battle on Shangganling Mountain pushed the concert to the climax as it aroused the Chinese people’s love to China as the lyrics says: “This is my dear motherland where I grow and live.”

  The “Ode to Spring –Beijing International Film Festival Film Concert” wrapped up with extensive applauds. Although the concert ceased our passion and love to films rise and will never fall.