Time: April 11th- April 15th

  Guide unit: Beijing Association for Science and Technology

  Hosts: Beijing Youth Activity Center、Beijing Municipal Youth Science and Technology Education Association

  Co-organizers: Beijing Science Center、QC Innovative Education Institute

  About the activity:

  Through the exhibition of teenagers' self-created scientific image works, this activity aims to enlighten teenagers' scientific dreams, improve their scientific quality, help them to serve their country with science, and show teenagers' spiritual outlook and cultural self-confidence with Chinese style and the love to Beijing, the capital of China. The activity focuses on highlighting the international, scientific and artistic nature, through various forms of activities, makes teenagers get close contact with the frontier science and technology of the film industry, feel the scientific charm and artistic beauty of film and television works, and cultivate their patriotism and national pride.

  Li Ning, a famous magician, serves as an image ambassador for this activity. This activity is designed for the teenagers who love science and movies. At the same time, famous scientists, artists, directors, actors will be invited to make face-to-face exchanges with teenagers, so that teenagers can fully return to science and art, stay true to their first intention, do down-to-earth work, and have a lively and interesting "science and art lesson".