Press Conference of the 9th BJIFF Tiantan Award Official Selection Here Held in Beijing Yesterday

  On April 17th, the press conference of Here, an Iranian film written and directed by Seyed Hadi Mohaghegh, was held in Beijing Hotel • Nuo. The film was shortlisted in Tiantan Award, the Competition Section of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF). Mohammad Hossein Ghoorchian, the sound designer, Seyed Reza Mohaghegh, producer, Samman Majadewafai the colorist, and Ali Shadideh, photography director attended the press conference. 

  The film tells a story that an old man was anxious to save his son Sohrab, but his effort was in vain. Witnessing the execution of his son, the old man took the poplar-like body of his son crossing the mountains and rivers to bury him reluctantly. The old man in agony couldn’t do anything but continue his unchanging life, raising his grandson and wandering in endlessly silence nights The film adopts a realistic scenes, which brings complicated emotions and to the audiences and teaches them to seek the significance of life.

  Director Hadi Mohaghegh, following the previous work Immortal, once again tells the story of a sad and helpless family in Here in the view of an old man, Producer Seyed Reza Mohaghegh said that the story did not only show the end of life through the death of the son, but also showed the beginning of life from the old man raising his grandson. In the process of cooperation with the director, the two men reached an agreement on the understanding of the film.

  The whole story is very simple, but it conveys a tremendous emotional power through the director's pictures, which is fascinating while maintaining great restraint and calm. And a lot of long shots are a major feature of the film. The director of photography, Ali Shadideh, said that in order to express the predicament of life and highlight the long journey of life, he had discussed with the director and decided to use long shots. In order to help audiences better understand the real life of the old man, the film adopted a more down-to-earth shooting methods. He and the director shot repeatedly, and then chose from the pictures to achieve the desired effect of the final version. At the same time, the colorist, Samman Majadewafai, also said that, in order to highlight the theme of the film, he used cold tonal pictures intentionally.

  The soundtrack is the soul of a film, but, in order to achieve the effect of returning to the pure nature, no soundtrack is added in the film intentionally. The sound designer, Mohammad Hossein Ghoorchian, said that, in order to show the insipid and lonely life of the old man, many scenes of the film were designed to be silent. But at the same time, in order to realize the effect of ordinary life, there were many scenes that required sound design. Silent scenes are compared to soundful scenes to restore the real life. At the same time, Samman Majadewafai also revealed that, for the film is produced independently and is shorthanded, many problems were encountered in sound production and design. Since the film does not have a soundtrack, the sound designer made the contents in lieu soundtrack, showing greater responsibilities.

  The producer, Seyed Reza Mohaghegh, said before the end of the press conference that his new film, created with Hadi Mohaghegh, would be release after three months. While expecting the new cooperation, we also wish that Here achieves good results at the 9th BJIFF.