Director:Betania Cappato


Running Time:70mins

Production Company: Rita Cine & Insomnia Films

World Sales: 102 Distribution(Italy)

Producer:Iván Fund

Screenplay:Betania Cappato, Iván Fund

Cinematographer:Iván Fund

Editor:Iván Fund, Betania Cappato

Sound:Bechen De Loredo, Leandro De Loredo

Music:Mauro Mourelos

Production Designer:Adrián Suárez

Visual Effects:Juan Martin Hsu

Cast:Clementina Folmer、Pablo Ruiz Seijo、Mara Bestelli

There is a delicateness and fragility to her, as if she were made of glass. Now, at age six, Ema has to start school - yet most schools are unwilling to accept a pupil diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The only ones prepared to teach her are the staff of a small rural school on the Paraná River. For Ema’s family, this means leaving the city behind to start a new life in the country. Being close to nature and spending time with a mare called Estrellita help Ema take some small but important steps. Thanks to the unprejudiced local community and above all the gentle friendship of her classmate Irena, she becomes increasingly able to participate in the world around her, in her very own way. Based on the director’s own family history, Betania Cappato’s film astutely and tenderly chronicles its young protagonist’s inner journey.

Betania Cappato was born in Colastiné, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, in 1984.She is a photographer and filmmaker. She studied at the Santa Fe Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts.

When my little brother was two years old, he showed stark changes in his personality. Bit by bit he turned more distant, more silent. Until one day he stopped looking us in the eyes and he lost contact with reality. A School in Cerro Hueso is a movie inspired by his story, my family’s story. And surely also the story of a lot of other families that are excluded from a system that still keeps on being intolerant and destructive regarding what is different.”