The “Decade-long Devotion to Films — BJIFF 10th Anniversary Forum” of 2020 Beijing Film International Film Festival (10th BJIFF) is to take place in Huairou District, Beijing on August 23, 2020. 
  2020 marks the first decade milestone of the BJIFF since its birth in 2011. With the rapid development of the film industry, the BJIFF has grown into one of China’s most influential film festivals. On this occasion, the BJIFF 10th Anniversary Forum will be held to recall the valuable achievements and experience of the past decade, and to embrace the changes of the BJIFF unseen in a century for seeking breakthroughs from the past and forging ahead to the future. 
  Themed on “Decade-long Devotion to Films”, the forum will invite industry experts and well-known filmmakers to talk about the history and the outlook and share ideas on structural improvement and development orientation of the BJIFF for a future of higher quality.
  Yan Bingyan, outstanding Chinese actress
  Larry Yang, director, screenwriter
  Xu Tao, Deputy Chief Editor of Beijing Media Group and Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the 10th BJIFF
  Guest Moderator:
  Sha Dan, curator of the China Film Archive, film history scholar and film critic 
  Chen Sicheng, famous Chinese director, actor and screenwriter
  Li Xun, film scholar and senior research fellow of the China Film Art Research Center
  Lu Chuan, renowned Chinese director, screenwriter and producer, Chairman of Yuandongli Entertainment
  Wang Zhonglei, Co-founder, Vice Chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers Media Corp. 
  Wen Muye, director and screenwriter