The "Chinese Films Forum for the 70th Anniversary year of the People's Republic of China" of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival will take place at the Beijing International Hotel on the afternoon of April 14, 2019, as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. For the past seven decades, China has waded forward through changes and challenges of past eras, and continuously reinvigorated and strengthened herself to transform from a large agricultural nation into one of the world's growth poles in this new epoch. Chinese film-makers have inherited the spirit of exploration and innovation, leaned on imagery and stories as tools, and created and reiterated this grand historical process. Films from different ages embody the youthful memories and temporal marks of that generation, and constitute our precious spiritual treasures. This year, as we usher in the 70th birthday of New China, it is necessary for us to look back and trace back the films and film-makers that have left their marks on the history of cinema. With reminiscence as opportunity, we shall discuss and search for the cultural confidence and future direction of Chinese cinema as the China advances into the echelon of a powerful film nation!

  Founded upon the momentous period of the 70th anniversary, always remembering President Xi's request to remain true to original aspiration and progress forward steadfastly, and in combination with the overarching "Home·land" theme at the heart of this year's Beijing International Film Festival, the central theme of this forum revolves around the 70th anniversary, looks back into the past in order to envision the future, inherits the past in order to instigate the future, and discusses how to propel Chinese cinema on its path of high quality development.