Chinese Film Industry Summit — “Content is King” – Tell China’s Stories in the Exploration of Mainstream Film Commercialization 
  Due to the pandemic in 2020, the world’s film industry is undergoing severe challenges. Facing the ecological changes to the film industry, filmmakers have to “create excellence with a focus on contents” to better promote the sound and sustainable development of the industry. Based on the changes to the film market, the summit will discuss various issues on the film market in the future, such as the guidance to audiences in the cinema and the creation at the major historical event (COVID-19) and time. 
  Chinese Film Industry Summit — Categorization Trend of Chinese Films in the New Era 
  Entering 2020, with the development of the worldwide film industrialization, China has been making active explorations in technological aesthetics and type creation. An effective system of industrialization is required for the growth of China's film industry. How to build a scientific, mature and efficient industrialization system? How will the production technologies change with the development and innovation of technologies? What difficulties are facing China in the industrialization improvement? The summit will invite China’s leading filmmakers to discuss the categorization of Chinese films in the new era.
  Ya Ning, President of iQIYI Motion Pictures
  Zhang Ji, Chinese screenwriter 
  Li Ning, Senior Vice President of New Classics Media Group and CEO of New Classics Pictures
  Li Weiqiang, Chairman of Poly Pictures
  Gong Geer, Chinese screenwriter and producer
  Zhao Linshan, Chinese director
  Guest Moderator: 
  Liu Pan, researcher, Film and TV Department, Chinese National Academy of Arts, Ph. D of Cinematography