Summit on the Development of Future Films to Open on August 29, with Participation of Xu Zheng and Zhang Yibai

  Competitions among screening platforms are getting fiercer: streaming media are rising in no time while traditional cinemas are defending their position. No matter it’s for big screen or streaming media, production teams are adapting to market trends, and tailoring their high-quality works for various screening platforms. 

  It is worth discussing topics such as how different platforms can complement each other, how to express technologies and arts, and how films in the narrow and broad sense may be integrated. 

  Thus, the Summit on the Development of Future Films will take place at the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center on August 29, with the theme "Integration of Big Screen and Streaming Media under Competitions".

  The summit will invite Xu Zheng, Zhang Yibai, Jiang Wei, Song Jia, Wu Hehu and guest moderator Zhou Liming (Raymond Zhou) to have talks and exchange ideas, with an aim to promote the development of film industry.