Bille August Masterclass Began - “Tiantan Award” Media House Programme Launched
Today marks the eighth day of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival. Bille August Masterclass Began, theme forums were fascinating, and the "Tiantan Award" Media House Programme launched for the first time. Here is a summary of today's main events.
Bille August Masterclass 
Began Formally
Bille August Masterclass: 
From Literature to Video: A Danish Director's World Journey
On September 28, Bille August Masterclass began formally. Bille August had an in-depth conversation with Wang Yan, Professor and PhD supervisor of Beijing Foreign Studies University. He introduced his creation career involving his early works, Hollywood creation and film creation in China in details, bringing us a detailed and in-depth masterclass. 
In the dialogue, Bille August analyzed his early work in depth and detail. "Growing up, finding yourself and discovering yourself" has been a common theme in his early works." We have to be true to the books, but if you want to be true to the books you have to be not true to the books first," Bille August said of the literary adaptation in the process of film creation. In the process of adaptation, we have to eliminate things that we don t want to include in the story and gradually develop the story.” When it came to shaping his style, Bille August cited Ingmar Bergman, a movie master, as a major influence. At this year’s BJIFF, August's film The Pact will also compete for the Tiantan Award.
The BJIFF X The Beijing News!
20 Filmmakers Recommend Their Favorite Movies
The BJIFF X The Beijing News planned special publicity  
The Organizing Committee of the BJIFF and The Beijing News published jointly a special edition of nearly 300 films from this year’s BJIFF Beijing Film Panorama, and interviewed 20 filmmakers to recommend their favorite films for highlighting. The filmmakers invited for include both those who have grown up with the Chinese film industry and those who have inspired us via the big screen, such as Tony Chan, Leste Chen, Dilraba, Duan Yihong, Fu Dalong, Gong Beibi, Gong Hanlin, Huang Xuan, Huang Xiaoming, Li Chen, Carman Lee, Li Shaohong, Li Yu, Lin Yongjian, Qin Hailu, Yang Mi, Yao Tingting, Shawn Yue, Keng Guan Chiu, and Zhang Xinyi (sorted by initials). They selected their favorite films from this year's Beijing International Film Festival, including hot new films, meaningful classics, dynamic black and white images, and enjoyable genre films both at home and aboard, covering many wonderful sections of "Beijing Film Panorama".
The 1st China Movie Capital Development Forum of the 11th BJIFF Held
The 1st China Movie Capital Development Forum of the 11th BJIFF Held
On the morning of September 28, the 1st China Movie Capital Development Forum of the 11th BJIFF was held at Hong Yan Hall, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Conference Center. The Forum with the theme of "Tech-Powered Films, Intelligent Future” focused on the current hot topics of Chinese film industry in the form of keynote speeches and high-end dialogues to discuss such topics as the creation of a new pattern for the integrated development of one area and three science cities with Huairou Science City as the mainstay, development of film and television digital industry via science and technology and the future development plan of Chinese film capital.
China Animation Film Forum of the 11th BJIFF Held Successfully
China Animation Film Forum of the 11th BJIFF Held Successfully
On the afternoon of September 28, the China Animation Film Forum of the 11th BJIFF Held Successfully, co-hosted by the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival and Sunac Culture Group, was held in the studio building of Beijing Radio & Television Station (BRTV). The theme of this year's China Animation Film Forum is "New Era, New Consumption and New Scenes of China's Animation Film Industry", which consists of three sections, namely, keynote speech, roundtable discussion and appearance of the dream team of Sunac Culture Group. The forum was held in the way of online and offline interaction to discuss the current situation of animation film industrialization, how to build a new ecology of animation film industry with cutting-edge technology, and the full-link business model of IP development.
Media House Programme Set for Tiantan Award for the First Time
Media House Programme for Official Selection of Tiantan Award
The Beijing International Film Festival has set up the Media House Programme for Official Selection of Tiantan Award with the aim of collecting the latest global masterpieces and enabling the diversity of films. With a more professional, standard and open attitude, it aims to provide more diverse channels for filmmakers, fans and media to make their voices heard, and further reflect the diversity and inclusiveness of Tiantan Award and film art. 
This Media House Programme for Official Selection of Tiantan Award brings together media professionals and film critics from 13 media, including China Movie Report programme, China Film Report, Yizan of Beijing Daily, The Beijing News,, Movie View, Variety, Global Screen, DULIYU, tuo-luo-dian-ying, Movie,Tucao Movie and Bu San, aiming to let more excellent art films at home and abroad be watched, let more excellent creators' voices be heard, let more types of exploration be screened, and let more diversified creative perspectives get empathy via professional forces and authoritative platforms.
Today's Network Data Overview of the 11th BJIFF
Overview of today’s key words of the 11th BJIFF
As the Beijing International Film Festival draws to a close on September 28 and related activities continue to go further, this year's Beijing International Film Festival has won praise for its "international style", strong organizational ability and several pioneering measures. In addition, this year's films screened have impressed movie fans in terms of quantity, quality, ticket snapping-up speed and viewing experience. The public generally recognized the achievements of this year's BJIFF and expressed expectations for the closing ceremony. The popularity of Zhou Shen the film music promoter of the Beijing College Student Film Festival, is still strong. With the release of Jackson Yee's closing VCR, netizens are also looking forward to the closing ceremony. On the eighth day of the BJIFF, there were 78,818 pieces of relevant information, covering 1.31531 billion people on the network, and 63 publicity reports covering 8 countries and 8 languages. The number kept rising, the enthusiasm of netizens for discussion kept high, and a great success of the BJIFF is expected.
Yearbook Released for Beijing Film Panorama 
Yearbook Released for Beijing Film Panorama
The 11th Beijing International Film Festival is coming to an end. For more than ten days, "Beijing Film Panorama" has been one of the most enthusiastic activities for fans. It held various featured film Panorama sections such as "Premieres", "Restored Classics", "Master Review", "Famous Filmmakers", "Truth First" and "Global View", and screened nearly 300 dazzling films from Home and abroad, leaving an unforgettable movie-watching experience for fans. To make these heart-touching experiences more personal, the 11th Beijing International Film Festival has launched the electronic edition of "Beijing Film Panorama" yearbook, which is now available for download. 
Download link:
Let's save it together and see you next year.
Post-Screening Exchange of Wu Hai
Post-Screening Exchange of Wu Hai
Today, the "Chinese Stories" section of the Beijing International Film Festival presented the last film activity for the audience -- the first screening of Wu Hai in Beijing. The film tells a powerful "We loved so much" story. After the screening, director Zhou Ziyang communicated with sha Dan, curator of "Beijing Film Panorama".
When it came to the creation of the film, Zhou Ziyang said that it came from the social news that impressed him deeply. The title of Wu Hai not only points to the location where the story of the film occurred, but also matches the atmosphere of the film itself. When asked if he wanted to be an "auteur", Zhou Ziyang admitted that he was trying to improve the appreciation and visual quality of the film while maintaining the essential of his creation, hoping to bring the audience a refreshing feeling.
Book Live Broadcast of the Closing Ceremony now from iQIYI Online BJIFF
Channel for Booking Live Broadcast of the Closing Ceremony from iQIYI Online BJIFF  
The new film Attraction 2: Invasion was launched on the iQIYI Online BJIFF today, and quickly occupied the first place in the soaring list of movies on iQIYI! Bille August Masterclass also released today showed us a Danish director's world journey from literature to video. How can the new generation of filmmakers carry forward the great value of art film tradition and seize their historical opportunities? Please stay tuned on the Arthouse Film Forum for the answer. The Closing & Awards Ceremony of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival will be broadcast live at 07:30PM tomorrow. Please book for it on iQIYI now. See you then!