International Film Market Forum of the 9th BJIFF Opens

  On the morning of April 16th, the International Film Market Forum of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (9th BJIFF) hosted by the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival and organized by China Film Co., Ltd. (CFC), opened at New Colourful Clouds Cinema in Beijing. For the purpose of "international vision, intelligent technology and benefit increase", the forum includes two sections: "Cinema Manager Class" and "International Film Market Promotion & Discussion".

  Zhang Hong, Secretary of the Branch Party Leadership Group of China Film Association (CFA); Ming Zhenjiang, Chairman of China Film Producers' Association; La Peikang, Vice Chairman of CFA and Chairman of CFC; Wang Zhi, Deputy Director-General of the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau and General Manager of CFC; Jiang Ping, General Manager of CFC and a national first-class director; Hu Mei, a renowned Chinese director, producer and screenwriter attended the opening ceremony.

  In the opening day, "Cinema Manager Class" and "International Film Market Promotion & Discussion" took place alternately. In "Cinema Manager Class", Fang Bin, Executive Director of Guangdong Dadi Cinemas Co., Ltd., Cai Ting, a senior cinema operator and manager and former CGV University Team Leader and Ma Ye, Vice General Manager of Zhongjucheng (Beijing) Cultural Co., Ltd. exchanged ideas with other attendees on the topics of "confusion and opportunity of Chinese cinema development in the Era of 10,000+ Cinema amid the expected urbanization of China", "returning to the basis of operation, improving management benefit - effective and systematical management of several cinemas and the leadership of cinema managers", and "future of the goods for sale", respectively.

  In "International Film Market Promotion & Discussion", Xiao Nan, Director of Marketing and Business Development of Zhongying Digital Screen Beijing Co., Ltd.; Wu Dongliang, Strategic Marketing Director of CFG Barco (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Luo Li from Shanghai Yanshan Information Technology Co., Ltd. discussed about "the advantages of high-end screen brands and marketing cases", "the evolution of laser projectors" and "the new exploration of Chinese and foreign film viewing models".

  With focus on current hot topics in the cinema industry, the forum invited domestic and foreign senior industrial experts and successful cinema managers, to talk about cinema-related industries such as cinemas, film companies, media, content service providers and online broadcasting platforms by means of keynote speech, dialogue & discussion, film promotion and cinema device display. It aimed to build an international market exchange platform for cinemas and cinema managers, to discuss how to strengthen cinema management, improve cinema quality and further promote the development of China's film industry. Featuring rich content and a grand gathering of industrial elitists, it followed the trend of world film development and looked into the future of the Chinese film market. It is of far-reaching significance to the further development of the Chinese film market.

  The forum was co-organized by China Film Marketing Co., Ltd., China Film Century Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., MOVIEW and Beijing Huaxinbo Cultural Media Co., Ltd.