Volunteer Q&A | Immersed to Wander in the Story of Spring
Last November, the official Weibo of "Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) Volunteers” received many consultation messages such as "When will the registration channel be accessible? I’m so afraid to miss it”. The eager and anxious expectation was certainly accompanied by the tacit commitment. Since the volunteer recruitment was launched on December 19 last year, we have received the best wishes from not only the students studying mathematics, diplomacy and viola playing but also the friends majoring in film, drama and visual communication. Those who enter for the BJIFF volunteer may only hope to welcome their idols, witness the wonderful scene or just do nothing. The freedom to make any decisions is just an attitude itself. 
Before becoming a BJIFF volunteer
Hope you can understand the BJIFF
Because it’s the beginning of existence
And the opportunity to meet
Under the guidance of the China Film Administration, the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) is sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People's Government and China Media Group to gather the world’s outstanding film achievements and promote film exchanges and cooperation with the principle of "sharing resources and win-win future”. Since its establishment in 2011, it has been featured as the most influential large-scale international cultural activity held in Beijing every year with the unique "3M" style of "Master, Mass and Market”. The logo of BJIFF is a windmill with seven-color leaves, indicating that the film is the seventh form of art. The five perforations on the leaves represent the five continents and the seven colors are inspired by the rainbow. Each leaf adopts the iconic symbol of Beijing, the silhouette of the Temple of Heaven, as the basic shape. 
Volunteers, as an indispensable part of the BJIFF, will get involved in all the work of the festival including organization, preparation and execution, which is not only the first step to keep up with the films but also a practice of personal growth.
Since the access of volunteer applications, the official Weibo of "Beijing International Film Festival Volunteers" has received a lot of consultations. Now, the Q&A is specially listed as follows: 
Q1: Will the star with four-character name (Jackson Yee) come? 
A1: Aha! Just guess. You will get the answer if you guess it right. 
Q2: Any requirements on the age of applicants? 
A2: Anyone over 18 years old~ 
Q3: Where can we find the subjective online test?
A3: No subjective online test this year. Just submit after finishing the objective test.
Q4: I’m entering for the volunteer, but I forgot the password. However, I cannot receive the verification email for my reapplication. What should I do QAQ? Help 5555! 
A4: Sent private message to the official Weibo of “Beijing International Film Festival Volunteers" including your phone number for the password reset. 
Q5: Will the ten-day volunteer service include free board and lodging?
A5: No free board and lodging, but subsidies are provided. 
Q6: What are the specific service dates of the volunteers?
A6: The opening date of the 11th BJIFF has not been released on the official website. Different volunteer positions will have different service dates. 
Q7: When will the results of initial test be released? 
A7: The results will be delivered by email or SMS in mid-March.
In the special year 2021, the haze by the COVID-19 pandemic will be dispelled and the passion for films will support us forge ahead in the cold winter and usher in the warm and vibrant spring. Beijing is the center of the national film industry while the BJIFF serves as the platform to promote sales and communications. As the first large-scale cultural event in China in 2021, the BJIFF is of great significance. In the coming spring, welcome to Beijing to enjoy the best films in the world. 
Ongoing Volunteer Recruitment 
Official Registration Address:
Registration Procedure:
Volunteer registration (digital scan of 2-inch color license photo with white background + ID card) → complete online test
Deadline for Registration:
March 20, 2021
March 20, 2021
After the resume screening, we will notify the qualified candidates to participate in the interview (online or offline) by email or SMS. 
(Application for the posts of photography and videography or copywriting, please send your works to: linyue@bjiff.com)
"I've sail out. I've been there and then returned. 
I am here, the place where I am needed. "
Delighted participated with great passion. 
The road to film world leads the wanderers to the place where the stars rise

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