Thematic Academic Forum
  Time: September 29, 2021
  Description: The forum will invite presidents, deans, experts and subject leaders of famous film & television universities at home and abroad to discuss the technological changes, media convergence and aesthetic changes in Chinese films in recent years in the form of keynote speech.


  International Young Scholars
  Time: September 27 to 28, 2021
  Description: With the theme "New Methods, Paths and Patterns of Film Studies in the Post-cinema Era", the forum, consisitng of five parallel sessions, will bring together young scholars at home and abroad to explore new developments, new phenomena and new forms of films, and create a platform for academic exchanges and academic achievement demonstration.


  Academic Events of College Student Film Festival on BNU Zhuhai Campus
  i Launch Ceremony of the 28th College Student Film Festival in Zhuhai. 
  Time: September 25, 2021
  Content: The ceremony includes leaders’ addresses, an introduction to events and highlights during the 28th College Student Film Festival and the release of recommended films.
  ii College Student Film Festival Lakeside Forum in Zhuhai Time: September 25, 2021
  Description: With the theme "Film & Television Industry Development in GBA", the forum, consisting of three parallel sessions, will focus on the unique film & television industry of the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and tap the rich film & television cultural resources of GBA. Industry experts and influential industry practitioners will be invited to discuss talent development in GBA, the current situation of GBA's film & television industry, the development of GBA's film production, promotion and distribution industry, as well as the challenges and future of the indsutry in GBA in the form of keynote speech.


  Academic Events Cooperated with BJIFF
  i Young Filmmakers Forum 
  Time: September 26, 2021
  Description: With the theme "Industrial Consciousness and Mainstream Expression", the forum will invite influential new-generation directors, actors, screenwriters and other young creators to discuss the development trend, cultural significance, values and creative features of Chinese films in the new era.
  ii Academy Day Film Workshop Time: September 23, 2021
  Description: "Academy Day" aims to explore new theories and business types of films, provide new ideas and horizons for the development of China's film art, industry and education, combine frontier film topics with college film & television education and film creation, and transfer international talents with high academic levels and high industry sensitivity to the academia and industry.
  iii Workshop & Masterclass Time:September 25 to 27, 2021
  Description: Cooperate with Beijing International Film Festival,The event will fully demonstrate the creative charm of the film, create an opportunity for the youth to communicate with famous film directors, screenwriters and experts, and deliver professional film classes to the youth.