Wu Jing
Jury President of the 12th Tiantan Award
  Wu Jing is a Chinese actor and director, and vice chairman of the China Film Association.
  In 2017, he won the Best Actor Award at the 34th People’s Hundred Flowers Awards and the Outstanding Leading Actor Award at the 17th Huabiao Film Awards for directing and starring in the film Wolf Warrior 2.
  He has starred in films such as the Wolf Warrior series; My People, My Country; The Climbers; The Sacrifice; The Battle at Lake Changjin; The Wandering Earth, and My Country, My Parents, and his works have broken Chinese box office records several times. Among them, The Battle at Lake Changjin and Wolf Warrior 2 are respectively ranked first and second on the list of the highest-grossing films in the Chinese Mainland.
  In addition, Director Wu Jing was chosen for the 5th session of national young and middle-aged literary and art workers who are brilliant professionally and morally in 2022.