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Contact Us


Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee Office


Opening & Closing Ceremony Department

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081530 Carpet Events);

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081530 Ceremony Cooperation);

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081780 Ceremony Cooperation);

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-85335344 New Film Release Cooperation);


Competition Department

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-82281733

          Contact Numbers During the Festival:+86-10-82281733


Film Panorama Department

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-82296002

          Contact Numbers During the Festival:+86-10-82296002


Project Department

Tel   :+86-13264306719


Film Market Department

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081105

         Contact Numbers During the Festival:+86-13051850034

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081107

         Contact Numbers During the Festival:+86-18500377391


Publicity & Promotion Department(Media Coverage)

Tel   :+86-10-64081735


Marketing Department (Business Cooperation)

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081786

          Contact Numbers During the Festival:+86-13810005874 


Liaison & Reception Department

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081933

          Contact Numbers During the Festival:+86-13264306719


Security Department

Tel   :+86-13241168738


Human Resources & Property Department

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081975

          Contact Numbers During the Festival:+86-13801039309


Comprehensive Coordination Department

Address:Rm. 407, No. 55A Chaonei Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China 100010

Tel   :Daily Contact Numbers:+86-10-64081221

          Contact Numbers During the Festival:+86-10-64081221

Fax   :+86-10-64081221