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EKOME-The National Network of Film Offices

The National Network of Film Offices
The existence of a Network of regional Film Offices dedicated to facilitating audiovisual productions, has a significant impact in the domestic audiovisual industry, as it bears the capacity to attract additional support and leverage in EKOME’s national goal to highlight Greece as one the most attractive destinations for audiovisual productions in the world .
EKOME’s proposal for the creation of a National Network of Film Offices in 13 Regions and 2 major Municipalities (Athens and Thessaloniki) across Greece was approved and funded by the state budget in late 2018. To date we have already:
•Concluded all the technical studies and reports that provide the necessary guidelines and technical specifications for the implementation of the network
•Started working closely with Regions and Municipalities to conclude setting up the Offices
•Started promoting and marketing the network through various events and markets abroad.
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