The Greek Film Centre (GFC) is the main institution applying cinematographic policy in Greece by funding domestic films (Development/Production), promoting Greek Cinema domestically and internationally (Hellas Film) and facilitating international productions shooting in Greece (Hellenic Film Commission).
The GFC aims to protect and develop the production of cinematographic art in Greece, by applying the following practices:
- Increase of investments from the local and foreign market
- Attraction of foreign productions and co-productions
- Increase of extroversion in Greek production
- Reinforcement of new creators
- Development of cinematic education in Greece
- Transparency and efficacy in administration
The directorate of Promotion of the Greek Film Center, also known as Hellas Film, is available to meet with you to let you know all about Greek cinema and our slate of unique films by established and emerging filmmakers.
Athena Kalkopoulou
Director of Promotion (Hellas Film)
Iliana Zakopoulou
Promotion & International Cultural Events (Hellas Film)

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