The HELLENIC FILM COMMISSION (HFC) is a directorate of the GREEK FILM CENTRE (GFC) which is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and subsidized by the state. The principal aim of the HELLENIC FILM COMMISSION is to promote and develop Greece as a filming destination for international film and TV productions. Your primary contact point when filming in Greece, the HELLENIC FILM COMMISSION supports international audiovisual productions planning to film in Greece as an intermediary in providing information, advice and guidance, free of charge.

The  HELLENIC FILM COMMISSION is a member of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN) and of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI). 
Main services: 
Connecting foreign producers with the Greek Industry Guide
Providing guidance regarding filming permits and incentives
Promoting locations, crew and facilities to national and international events
Collaborating with ministries and public bodies
Networking with local authorities
Organizing training for talent development
Providing FILMING FACILITATION LETTERS addressed to competent authorities
Providing CERTIFICATION by the GREEK FILM CENTRE (GFC) to productions applying for filming permits in archaeological sites to the authorities of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports
Find out all about filming in Greece (Incentives, Locations, Industry Guide, Filming Permits and more) on our website www.filmcommission.gr 

The movie cameras have been up and running in Greece since the 1920s. Greece is a nation with a cinematic past, present and future. Attracting landmark international films to its unique locations since the 1960s, Greece is now investing in its film industry, producing new talent, making its presence felt at the Oscars, setting trends, and interacting with the international audiovisual scene.
Discover new talent in Greece. After all, this is the birthplace of Odysseus the Cunning, Homer’s epic hero, renowned for his intellectual brilliance, guile and versatility.
Greek crews speak perfect English and have the expertise to collaborate flawlessly with international audio-visual productions. From outstanding drone operators and post-production facilities equipped with high-end industry technologies to world-class VFX, the Greek Industry Guide provides dream teams of "dedicated maniacs". Take the opportunity to maximize local talent since you have as much to learn by them as they have by you.

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