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EKOME-announces the progress of the Cash Rebate program

EKOME announces the progress of the Cash Rebate program:
Recently the National Center for Audiovisual Media and Communication - EKOME, which is the Greek government unit with the mission of  promoting Greece as a top destination for the creation of audiovisual works, announced the results of the program of financing audiovisual producers filming in Greece.
2020 was a milestone year for the development of the audiovisual production program. In the midst of the extremely unfavorable conditions caused by the coronavirus  pandemic,  EKOME and the Ministry of Digital Government achieved important results.
They continued their promotion works
They planned and implement strict health protocols for the continuation of filming audiovisual works in Greece throughout the pandemic.
They proceeded to a radical upgrade of the financial tools, namely the   Cash Rebate and Tax Relief available to all foreign and Greek film producers
They promoted the role of all administrative regions of Greece for the  attraction for audiovisual producers
They increased and revised the available cash rebate scheme  in the summer of 2020: since then a notable increase of the cash rebate has been enacted resulting to the return of up to 40% of all eligible expenses of any filming company operating in Greece
By July 2021, the Cash Rebate program has received 166 applications for funding for the production of fiction films, television series, documentaries, animation and digital games. Of these, 150 projects have received funding approval, with the total investment in our country from their production, amounting to € 187 million, while the public expenditure (return through cash rebate) is expected to reach € 70 million.   More than 31,000 employees have been employed in the production of these works, with the shootings running through more than 150 locations throughout Greece.
The National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication – EKOME, has also announced the implementation of a 30% tax relief incentive, as part of the national scheme to further promote Greece as an attractive and safe destination for audiovisual projects.  It may also be noted that the 30% tax relief incentive can be combined with the 40% cash rebate scheme.

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