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EKOME-Incentives for audiovisual production

The National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication – EKOME was founded by Law 4339/2015 of the former Ministry of Digital Policy Telecommunications and Media (current Ministry of Digital Governance) and started its operation in December 2017. It is a legal entity operating under private law and supervised by the Ministry of Digital Governance, with a mission to foster and promote public and private initiatives, foreign and domestic, in all sectors of the audiovisual industry. With the operation of EKOME, Greece is responding to modern challenges in the field of audiovisual content production, but also in education, research and archives digitization.
Incentives for audiovisual production
EKOME created new infrastructure for the development of the domestic audiovisual industry. The adoption of the cash rebate law, which provided for the subsidization of the eligible expenses of domestic and international audiovisual production through a cash refund, paved the way for attracting investment and restarting the domestic audiovisual industry. The strategic goal of EKOME continued to be strengthened with the amendment of the law, which provides more flexible terms for the inclusion of projects in the cash rebate program, while making Greece one of the few countries in the world that provide funding for the production of digital games! The implementation of the legal framework for tax relief, which enables tax exemption for individuals (natural or legal entities) who finance audiovisual projects, lays the foundations for large investments in domestic production, significantly strengthening entrepreneurship and employment in the industry.  However, EKOME's work does not stop at financial incentives. The support of the domestic audiovisual industry is inextricably linked to the national goal of making our country the most attractive and safe destination for the realization of audiovisual productions. The implementation of the Film Offices national network supports this goal, by highlight the comparative advantages of each region and providing the opportunity to Regions and Municipalities to attract investment in the production of audiovisual works locally.
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