19, 39

Project Name:19, 39
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Presented by:SG&G Holdings
Project Status:In Shooting/Production
Cooperation Intention:Additional financing for the post-production, Pre-sales
Director:Park Jae-Ho 
Cast:Lee So-yeon, Jeon Hye-bin, Son Yeo-eun
Language of Film:Korean
Synopsis:Su-jin, Hee-nam, Jury, Hyeon-su, Jin-hee, aluminae of girl’s high school are now living different lives. Hearing the news that the class president Yeon-mi has opened the coffee shop in their hometown, they gather together in a long time. Clever class president Yeon-mi, huge fan of GOD Su-jin, beautiful girl Jury, houmours Hee-nam, pimp Jin-hee, boyish girl Hyeon-su and their first love Gyu-won. Women reminisce their high school days in the atmosphere of retro coffee shop with music. However, women start fighting against with each other emotionally as their tough present lives and secrets of their high school days rise on the surface. Su-jin doubts her husband’s affair. Jury continues her vulnerable married life after one big mistake. 
Hee-nam suffers depression because of sterility after abortion in her childhood. Nobody has ever recognized Yeon-mi’s identity, and she has wondered for her whole life. They can not parallelize each other’s lives and points of view. Meanwhile, Hyeon-su who was expelled from school due to scandal with Yeon-mi in school days, and Jin-hee who was between them, are not showing up even when the memories of women still go on….

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