Here I Am, Again

Project Name:Here I Am, Again
Project Status:Completed
Cooperation Intention:Distributors
Cast:Boyan Petrov
Language of Film:English, Bulgarian
Synopsis:Anyone else in his place would have given up, but not him. Just a month after narrowly surviving being hit by a car, high-altitude mountaineer and research-zoologist Boyan Petrov starts his recovery and long preparation to continue his dream: climbing all the fourteen 8,000-meter peaks. Without supplementary oxygen and 3 times cancer survivor, he has climbed all 10 of the 14 eight-thousanders. Now it‘s time for the world‘s giant - Everest. For this purpose, Boyan starts his journey by “warming-up“ with the lowest peak among them - the so-called “dwarf“ Shishapangma. Number 11 on his bucket list. An unexpected twist of fate leads to his disappearance a few meters under the peak which activates an unprecedented interstate rescue mission and helicopter searches between the countries of Nepal, China, and Bulgaria.

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