Education and Nationalism

Project Name:Education and Nationalism
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Project Status:Completed
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Director:Hisayo Saika
Language of Film:Japanese
Synopsis:In 2017, the bread industry in Japan was hit with a heavy blow. The bakery in an elementary school Ethics textbook was replaced by a Japanese confectionary because that scene was deemed “inappropriate in terms of showing love for the country.” Ethics originally had been taken out of textbooks after deeply reflecting on how one set of values was pushed onto children, namely the loyalty and nationalism that Japanese imperialism was criticized for. However, it was brought back during the second Abe administration for the first time in 73 years.
This film documents how the government’s destruction of Japanese textbooks, academics, and education has progressed, based on real testimonies by politicians, bureaucrats, textbook writers, textbook company employees, teachers, and other involved parties.

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