Photography serving as the eye of film is part and parcel of overall industrial development. With the rapid iteration of science and technology, mobile photography is well on its way to being professional and democratic, and an increasing number of cell phones offer diversified photography techniques. This year, the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) launches Samsung Short Mobile Film Section in partnership with Samsung Galaxy S21 5G to transcend image borders and expand creative dimension. As a large-scale international, professional, innovative, high-end and market-oriented movie theme event, the Samsung Short Mobile Film Section focuses on new photography techniques in keeping with scientific and technological development every year.
Creators are encouraged to use updated techniques and new perspectives to show the never-before-seen world of images. At the same time, mobile media that is widely known can be utilized to spread mobile photography techniques and how to use, allowing the public to be engaged in image creation.
Visit or for the works shortlisted for the 11th BJIFF – Samsung Short Mobile Film Section