Jury of “Samsung Short Mobile Film Section” Unveiled
Technology empowers image revolution, mobile shooting breaks boundaries. News has recently come from the "Samsung Short Mobile Film Section" launched by the 11th BJIFF in association with Samsung Galaxy S21 5G that the shortlisted directors have completed the shooting, production and delivery of short mobile films.
In the meantime, the BJIFF Organizing Committee announced the jury of the "Samsung Short Mobile Film Section", including screenwriter Shu Huan, producer Ye Ning and director Li Weiran, all renowned filmmakers. Next they will score and assess all the shortlisted films, and announce the results on the morning of August 19.
Mobile shooting frees film creation, demonstrates young filmmakers' wild imaginations
The "Samsung Short Mobile Film Section" launched by the 11th BJIFF in association with Samsung Galaxy S21 5G aims to encourage young filmmakers to conduct freer and more diversified film creation. This is a challenge to all the shortlisted directors, as well as an opportunity for them to show their creative potential. The shortlisted directors submitted their entries on July 15.
Bugle, Cui Diyang
In Voice, Deng Di
You and Me, Zheng Xiaoyin
Mr. Li, Zhao Shuai
Deep Sea, Zhang Yifeng
Absence, Zhang Qingfeng
Fall into Miranda, Zhang Dawei
Wind Chimes, Wang Tan
Abnormality, Wang Qiming
Love in Memory, Wang Hantao
Garbage Sorting, Mu Mo
Adili and His Friends from Mars, Ma Shi
Cao Gai, Lan Chengxu
Good Evening Hotline, Ji Jinglu
A Rose, Hu Yichuan
My Childhood and I, Chu Wenjun
Ning Wei, Wen Hongyue
Appointment of May, Zhang Qing
Dairy of Wangcai, Wang Heng
Star Chaser, Lin Fei
Way Out for Yi Kids, Jiao Zhengyuan
The shortlisted short films cover a wide range of genres and subjects, including the reversal of fate beyond time and space, a girl's discovery of the solar system, the freezing warm moments between mother and father, a probe into human nature under the unique cultural symbol of Tibetan areas, a Xinjiang boy's curiosity about outer space, spiritual salvation through voice…from urban areas to rural areas, from earth to space, from the current to the past and the future, the collision between reality and imagination produces sparks of lively and interesting ideas.
According to some shortlisted directors, the section will be a rare experience in their career. In this section, they will view film creation from new perspectives, learn to tell good stories, and try to fly their imaginations in a fresher ways.
Jury Unveiled, Ye Ning, Shu Huan and Li Weiran to Instruct Young Directors
As a professional, high-end and market-oriented international film event, the BJIFF has become a demonstration and exchange platform for world film masters and top works, as well as a channel through which domestic and foreign filmmakers show their talents.To assess the shortlisted works in an all-round and authoritative manner, the BJIFF Organizing Committee invited senior filmmakers to make up a jury.
They are:
Ye Ning, a renowned producer and Founder of Qingsong Pictures
As the producer of many box-office hits, including Beijing Love Story, Jian Bing Man, The Lost Legend, The Wasted Times and The Eight Hundred, Ye Ning has developed a keen commercial sense of films, a humanistic concept and a unique view of the diversified development of Chinese commercial films.
Shu Huan, a renowned Chinese screenwriter and director, and Vice President of the Beijing Film Association
From popular sketch comedies for the CCTV Spring Gala to mainland China's milestone commercial comedies--Lost in Thailand, Lost in Hong Kong, Shu Huan's commodities followed the trends of the times and grasped social mentalities, and integrated dramatic commodity creation with the Chinese people's unique atheistic interest, to win the market and good reputation.
Li Weiran, a renowned director
From a public service advertisement shot for UNICEF, to comedy-style Welcome to Shama Town and fantasy hit The YinYang Master, Li Weiran has pursued an ultimate style and showed his unique imagination and talent. From advertisement shooting to film shooting, he has developed a unique path of director growth and been capable of handling films of different subjects and presenting his ultimacy and uniqueness.
The shortlisted directors will compete for five awards: Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Most Promising Talent. The 11th BJIFF-Samsung Short Mobile Film Section will take place from 9:00AM to 12:00PM on August 19. Then the winner list will roll out.