Director:Zhao Tianyu


Running Time:120mins

Producer:Wang Xiaochen

Screenplay:Zhao Tianyu, Li Jie

Cinematographer:Chen Zhiying

Editor:Chi-Leung Kwong

Sound:An Wei

Music:An Wei

Production Designer:Zheng Chen

Visual Effects:Xu Yao

Cast:Xu Fan、Zhang Jingyi、Xu Yajun、Chen Minghao、Zhang Xinyi

Xiaomei is a Qingdao girl who works as a TV program director in Beijing. She’s been trying to escape the control of her mother Ji Peizhen. The unexpected news about her mother’s cancer completely overturns her life. In the process of staying by her mother’s side as she fights cancer, Xiaomei finally gets the chance to reorganize her messy life and see her mother in another light. But as the shadow of death gains upon them, their separation is still inevitable…

Zhao Tianyu,Chinese Director, Screenwriter and Producer.

This is a film about maternal love. The film portrays the last moments between the mother Ji Peizhen and the daughter Xiaomei through their “final separation” as Xiaomei takes care of her mother while her mother fights the cancer that completely overturns their lives. From a genre perspective, this is a standard emotional film. It’s a major “sob story” that describes a “major misfortune that the mother is about to leave her child.” At the same time, it’s also a “healing story” that portrays the theme of “the love between mother and daughter” as well as “separation is the reunion of love”.