China Film Marketing Summit — Film Marketing Development in the Era of New Consumption


With the full penetration of mobile Internet, big data, AI, 5G and other emerging technologies into the film industry, the recent decade has seen disruptive changes in film marketing.
On the afternoon of September 25, the China Film Marketing Summit of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival will be held at Beijing Radio & Television Station (BRTV). Based on the development of new technologies and the changes of the film production and marketing environment, representatives of leading film enterprises, core film marketing platforms, film creators, representative marketers and film scholars are invited to the summit to discuss issues such as the development and changes of film production and marketing environment, the impact of new technologies on ideas, media, channels and means of film marketing, the opportunities and challenges brought by emerging media to film marketing and the future trend of film marketing.
The summit will reflect on disruptive changes in film marketing in the recent decade, and demonstrate the features of the era. Works and research reports of high academic value and great realistic influence will be released at the summit.
The Summit will be broadcast on platforms such as, and iQIYI (“Online BJIFF” Section).