China Animation Film Forum -- New Era, New Consumption and New Scenes of China's Animation Film Industry


The 11th BJIFF China Animation Film Forum will be held at Beijing Radio & Television Station On the afternoon of September 28. The forum themed with “New Era, New Consumption and New Scenes of China's Animation Film Industry” is hosted by the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) and organized by Sunac Culture Group. It mainly brings together world-known animation filmmakers, industry professionals, senior experts as well as IP related business operation and marketing specialists to explore the status quo of animation film industrialization, how cutting-edge technology builds a new animation film industry ecosystem, full-chain business model of IP development and other topics through keynote speeches and round-table discussions.


Taking into account the trends of animation film development at home and abroad, the forum keeps track of what the animation film technology and market, are happening. It will bring together leading figures in the global animation filmdom, industry professionals, senior experts and scholars in the industry, IP business authorization and marketing specialists to conduct extensive discussions on the artistic expression of Chinese animation emerging in the new era, IP creation and incubation of animated films, industrialized animation film production technology in the 5G and AI era, IP operation throughout the industry chain and other aspects. This aims to bring the animation film industry in China to the track of internationalization and industrialization for high-quality development.


This forum will be broadcast on the platforms such as, and iQIYI (“Online BJIFF” Section).