River of Salvation

Project Name: River of Salvation
Language: China/Chinese/2020
Type / theme: Feature Film/104 mins
Director: Qisheng Gao
Cast: Yanxi LI, Kangli ZHU
Business Demand: Theatrical Distribution, Internet Distribution
Synopsis of the story: In the small town along the river in the chilly spring, there is a beautiful female technician called Sister Rong in the dilapidated old foot treatment shop. Older than 30, Sister Rong has never married. In her family, there is her little brother, Xiaodong, playing games all day and relying on her support. One day, Xiaodong's girlfriend was pregnant, and the news breaks the tranquility of the sibling’s lives. While helping Xiaodong deal with this matter, the story that Sister Rong has hidden for many years was also uncovered...
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