2021 Events & Activities Inviting You to Discuss New Industry Trends after Recovery Period
  Events & Activities, as the highlight of the Beijing Film Market at the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), is organized through various forms such as brand cocktail party, enterprise release, salon activity to meet the needs of domestic and foreign film organizations and companies for their own brand, business and project promotion. At the same time, Events & Activities also pools the leading power in the industry, broadens the observation vision of the industry, and discusses the development path with well-known enterprises and institutions in the industry.
  After the resumption of work and production, various types of films have returned to cinema, bringing a gradual recovery of box office in the mainland. Up to now, the annual top 10 box office films cover various types such as animation, war, science fiction, and action. Among them, The Eight Hundred garnered 3.109 billion yuan at box office, and My People, My Homeland grossed 2.828 billion yuan, ranking top 2 with significant performance. The third winner Legend of Deification obtained 1.602 billion yuan, making a breakthrough in the animation production of the film. Digging deep into the highlight of historical culture and ordinary stories in reality is the cornerstone of a film to win success in both box office and public recognition.
  In the new year, as younger generation users pile into the film market and new companies make inroads into the film industry, "content is king", "digital marketing" and "diversified publicity and distribution strategies" will be hot topics. We are bound to embrace brand-new changes in content creation, production, distribution and marketing. These changes will put forward new propositions for the entire film industry chain and also become the focus of Events & Activities of the Beijing Film Market at the BJIFF in 2021.
  Looking back on the Events & Activities of the Beijing Film Market at the 10th BJIFF, it involved various topics such as the promotion of special projects, the innovation of content creation forms, and the development of film and television derivatives.
  As for content creation, the Chinese International Writer Festival (CWF), with “story-centered and industry-based” development as the theme, presented "AI Encounters Film & TV Screenwriting" Chinese Screenwriting Industry Promotion Forum”, enabling stories to drive more industries.
  The release conference of the main theme series project Hero's Meeting jointly sponsored by Fengzhihuayu Culture Media Company and Beijing Feifan Film Company stressed that only by telling good Chinese stories and presenting sincere work can we go through the most trying times.
  With the vigorous development of the film derivatives market and the cultural and tourism industry, Beijing Chunguang Group launched the "Hainan Aishan" 3rd International Film IP Authorization and Derivatives Industry Development Summit. It has become an industry benchmark for the combination of film IP and cultural and tourism town IP. 
  The Beijing Film Market at the 11th BJIFF will further increase the content carrying capacity, provide seven professional venues that can accommodate 100 to 350 people and organize four activities per day, thus offering better hardware facilities and services for industry organizations, and strengthening the display and promotion of the activity content on the market platform of the BJIFF.
  The Events & Activities of the Beijing Film Market at the 11th BJIFF will be held at the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center from April 20 to 23, 2021. We are cordial to invite you to discuss hot topics in the industry.
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