Time: April 14 to May 1, 2018

  Venue: State Production Base of China Film Group

  From April 14 to May 1, 2018, the Film Carnival of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival will be held in China (Huairou) Film & Television Industry Demonstration Zone. Aiming at “setting up a cultural carnival boasting of a film-featured town”, this project will forge an “city card” which can fully reflect local culture, economic features, urban brand image, and cultural connotations, and enrich people’s ever-growing vision for a beautiful life. Through introducing the technical manners of the film industry, it will combine the interaction of film elements and entertainment, in a bid to forge a cultural industry of sharing happiness with people and harmonious parent-child interactions. The joyful immersive experience enables dreams to shine into the reality, and let audiences experience new tricks of film, and work out a film-featured carnival taking film as the gene, technology as highlight and joy as keynote.

  This year’s carnival is to be held in Yangsong Town, China (Huairou) Film & Television Industry Demonstration Zone, which is at the No. 15 exit of Jingcheng Expressway. It will combine emerging technologies and the film industry to forge new tricks of film, including one theme--film, two routes -- online and offline interaction, six major areas--film props appreciation area, film technology demo area, film scene restoration area, film technology interaction area, film experience area, and film themed bazaar. There are a total of 31 activities. By putting forward such contents as re-occurrence of classic film & TV scenes, film themed performance, film & TV gourmet food, open-air cinema and film future, it will forge an all-level-friendly and all-age-friendly cultural event featuring “one-step, one scenery”, with access to food, drink and innovations.

  As the first nation-class film & TV industry demo zone, China (Huairou) Film & Television Industry Demonstration Zone is responsible for forging Yangsong Town into a large-sized urban complex integrating public services, film & TV culture, tourism & recreation, headquarters economy and residence. This year’s Film Carnival aims at combining the top-notch film & TV industrial chain with the masses’ vision for a beautiful life, providing an all-round film cultural feast, stimulating development of Huairou’s tourism, enriching the film culture carrier and pushing forward construction of the spiritual civilization, so as to develop Yangsong Town into a film-featured town suitable for travelling, entertainment and dwelling.

  This year’s BJIFF Film Carnival will adopt new technologies and cross-industry approaches to construct dream-making space where you can experience brand-new future film technologies, and watch stories amidst stories. It will decorate distinctive film scenes such as watery Ming & Qing Streets and African Streets, and build a film & TV garden boasting of entertainment, interaction and real experience. In this year’s Film Carnival, films become the innovation center merging all walks of life. It smashes the professional and spatial boundaries, and assembles people to create positive energy of film culture in the form of film & TV interaction.