2020 marks the tenth anniversary of Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF). Based on the idea of “Nirvana in Year Ten”, the Launch Ceremony emphasizes the theme of “In Pursuit of a Shared Dream”, and focuses on two aspects of the new era of film industrialization, i.e. “Flashback of Glory—Retrospective of BJIFF’s History and Highlights”, and “Course of Fulfilment—Films Embody Chinese Aspiration for Bright Future and Centenary National Pursuit of Well-to-do Life”. Against current backdrop, the ceremony sets a warm and cheerful tone, aiming to boost the public’s morale and gain popularity. Films connect global filmmakers. On the one and only planet where countries’ boundaries are blurred, we are all part of the community with shared future. The event consists of narration by prestigious Chinese and foreign stars and directors, classic film mashup, special “Ten-year Promise” that presents the growth of China’s film industry over the past decade and BJIFF’s ten-year development, BJIFF’s behind-the-scenes stories, highlights of each edition, appearance of each edition’s jury, and speeches by each edition’s jury president. A film-look video will be shot starring guests who narrate BJIFF’s ten-year history; at the end of the narration, a video showing BJIFF’s wall of honors, lineup of juries and highlights of award presentation will be presented; jury presidents of previous editions will then deliver a speech online and gather up via video communications. Filmmaking masters will get together on the occasion of BJIFF’s 10th anniversary, recall their participation in BJIFF and contribute to successful delivery of the 10th edition. A special short video, China in Films—Centenary Pursuit of Well-to-do Life, that selects cuts of classic Chinese films and presents a retrospective of China’s film history from the very first Chinese film, development during the period of Republic of China (1912-1948), after the founding of People’s Republic of China, and the Reform and Opening up, the era of blockbusters to exploration to film industrialization. A mashup of representative cuts starts with the theme of faith, demonstrates the consistent inheritance of China’s film industry, and creates sense of story, identity and relevance. It fully unveils Chinese filmmakers’ expression of emotions and feelings, and their stories of endeavor in the centenary pursuit of dreams. People behind technologies rather than technologies are those that truly change the world. In the end, insiders of the film industry will be invited to give speeches and show filmmakers’ resilience to and courage of tackling challenges. Their speeches are meant to boost the industry’s morale and express hope for the future. China’s film industry is and will always be there. As long as we are here, it is the best of times for China’s film industry. Last but not least, the Launch Ceremony of this online edition features a special “virtual launch” with sci-fi visual effects to announce BJIFF’s opening.