Time: April 4th to May 5th, 2019

  Place: China Science and Technology Museum

  Theme:  Film: Make Science and Technology More Wonderful

  Guided by: Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee Office

  Organized by: China Science and Technology Museum, Professional Committee of Special Effect Theater for Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums

  The “Science & Technology Section” of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival is composed of five major subsections. “Film Panorama” will concentrate on special effect films, spirit of scientist films and science-fiction films. About 30 latest domestic and overseas special effect films, a number of scientist biography films and science-fiction films will be shown to the audiences from April 5 to May 5. “Science Popularization” will present a science film carnival for the first time, which integrates film elements, science experience and parent-children interaction by high technology of film and television to provide audiences an opportunity to participate in and enjoy film science. It includes 4D seat experience, VR/AR technology exhibition and experience, Lego film element exhibition, creativity building, parent-children interaction, etc. In addition, the audiences can also enjoy parent-children saloon, dome-screen astronomy class and other science popularization activities, which are full of scientific and people-benefiting characteristics. “Masterpiece Appraisal and Selection” will have the participation of public jury and experts to select the best science popularity films, the best creative films, the best special effect design films, the best domestic films and viewers-recommended best films, aimed at tapping filmmakers’ enthusiasm and creativity, booming the science film market, and improving the science film making level of China. “Exhibition and Exchanges” will provide a 4D special effect equipment exhibition, theatre party, special effect film exhibition and recommendation and other exchanges, aimed at building up an exchange and transaction platform to meet the demands of the science film market. “Academic Forum” is a forum for the development of special effect films, focusing on the construction of special effect theatres, special effect film technology and theatre education, operation, management and other topics widely concerned in the industry, and it will provide seminars for discussions and exchanges. Moreover, the opening ceremony of “Science & Technology Section” and media events will be held at14:30 April 4 in China Science and Technology Museum.