In 2018, the sector of “Science & Technology Wonders” of Beijing film panorama was first renamed as “Science & Technology Section”, jointly organized by China Science and Technology Museum and the Professional Committee for Science Popularization Venues and Special-effect Theaters of Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums. The “Science & Technology Section” of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival themed “Film: makes science and technology more wonderful”, based on dome film, giant screen film, 4D attraction, ride film and other special- effect films, focusing on the roles of films in promoting the dissemination of science and technology, aims to give people an excellent experience of popular science films, to build up a platform for exchanges in the special-effect film industry, and to showcase the achievements of popular science films in the world. Currently, five major sections have been planned for the “Science & Technology Section”, including Popular Science Film Panorama, Science Popularization Events, Excellent Works Selection, Exhibition and Exchanges, and Academic Forum.

  For the Popular Science Film Panorama section, about 30 latest domestic and foreign special-effect films will be shown from April 5 to May 6, which will present more excellent popular science films and meanwhile broaden the international horizon of the sector of popular science films and special-effect films. For the Science Popularization Events section, “Science Film Salon”, “Astronomy Class in dome theater”, “Popular Science Films in Campus” and other public welfare events will be held together, highlighting the scientific characteristics and people benefiting characteristics. For the section of Excellent Works Selection is aimed to tap the creativeness and enthusiasm of special-effect film makers, enrich and prosper the special-effect film market, and improve the special-effect film production. This section will involve the participation of both audience evaluation and expert evaluation, who will choose the best films recommended by audience, the best science communication films and the best special-effect films of domestic. For the Exhibition and Exchanges section, 3D laser technology presentation in Giant Theater, special-effect film trade show, film exhibition and other events will also be held, to meet the needs of popular science venues and the special-effect film market, and to build up an exchange and transaction platform for users and film companies. For the academic section, special-effect film development forum will be launched to discuss the topics of construction of special-effect theaters, film technology, theatre management, education activities, etc.

  In addition, the Opening Ceremony of the Science & Technology Section and the Asian premiere of BBC’s film “Oceans” will be held at 9:30 am on April 15.