Spring is the time that you can be immersed in the film world in Beijing. As an annual international event of the film & television culture industry, the 9thBeijing International Film Festival (BJIFF)—Beijing Film Market will be slated for April 16 to 19, 2019. The preparations of Beijing Film Market exhibitor registration, Project Pitches registration, Industry Conversations and Events & Activities will kick off from December 3, 2018.

  Focusing on the development of the film industry, in combination with the actual needs of the current market, the BJIFF Beijing Film Market aims to be an international and professional platform for exchanges and cooperation in the film industry, and strives to create a convergence and blending of the whole industry chain elements with diversified patterns by promoting resources interaction and negotiations and trading of the core factors of the film industry with “Demonstration • Promotion • Transaction • Exchange.”

  To contain more abundant market content and provide more exchange space for the attendees, the period of the 9thBJIFF Beijing Film Market will be extended from 3 days in the past to 4 days now. Continuing to “drive transactions through demonstrations and promote cooperation with exchanges”, the Beijing Film Market intends to be an orderly exchange and transaction platform for the film industry.