Brief of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival

  Under the guidance of China Film Administration, the 9th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) will take place from April 13 to 20, 2019. The event is sponsored by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and China Media Group, and organized by Beijing Film Administration, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Beijing Media Network, Huairou District People's Government of Beijing Municipality and China Film Studio Co., Ltd..

  Since its inception in 2011, the Beijing International Film Festival has upheld its principle to "Share the Screen, Shape the Future", advanced through a development process consisting of prominent beginning, leap-frog improvement, international assimilation and full-spectrum upgrade, and explored, fostered, cemented and formulated the one-of-a-kind Master, Mass, Market "3M" positioning and style. As each edition sees bigger stars, better movies and stronger international influence, the Beijing International Film Festival has risen as the city's most internationally influential large-scale cultural event, a major platform for global exchange, a bellwether of the film market, an incubator for new filmmakers and new productions, and a new brand of Beijing culture.

  The "Tiantan Award", the competition section of the BIFF, has received a cumulative total of almost 4,000 films from over 90 nations and regions since the program's inception in 2013, and nearly 50 world-famous directors and master filmmakers have been invited as jury panel members for the "Tiantan Award". The Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony of the festival are noted as brilliant shows in their own rights, and each year approximately 400 movie celebrities, international film festival presidents, international film organization delegates and film company executives would convene for the star-studded Red Carpet. The festival has hand-picked some 2,900 Chinese and foreign masterpieces with remarkable artistic and entertainment value, organized almost 5,100 screenings and activities, and has emerged as a festivity with a passionate following among fans and the masses alike and a cultural phenomenon in Beijing every April. More than 200 well-known Chinese and foreign film professionals have shared their insights at the Theme Forum, where dialogues are always focused on issues at the forefront of cinema and develop directions of the film industry during the year. The Beijing Film Market has recorded more than 14 billion USD in cumulative contract value, with signed projects covering the entire film industrial chain, making it one of Asia's largest film markets. The Project Pitches Transaction Platform has been the cradle to a plethora of big hits from My Beloved Bodyguard, Seventy-Seven Days and To Till the End of World, which together contribute to a box office exceeding 300 million USD. A total of several million visitors have participated in the Film Carnival, which has been an effective driving force that fuels the growth of the China (Huairou) Film and TV Industry Demonstration Zone.

  The 9th Beijing International Film Festival will be held under the central theme of "Home · Land" and will consist of the seven main events of the selection of the "Tiantan Award", Opening Ceremony, Beijing Film Panorama, Theme Forum, Beijing Film Market, Film Carnival, and Closing & Awards Ceremony, alongside hundreds of relevant activities such as the Indian Film Week, Forward Future Section, Documentary Section, Science and Technology Section, Virtual Reality Section, Film Concert, Classic Peking Opera Film Section, among scores of other showcases.

  The "Tiantan Award" will be selected by a panel of juries invited from renowned film professionals. The nearly one thousand films from almost a hundred nations and regions that have signed-up for the competition will be judged for their depth and artistic value, and ten "Tiantan Awards" will be presented.

  The Opening Ceremony will be held inside the State Production Base of China Film Group at the China (Huairou) Film and TV Industry Demonstration Zone. The Opening Ceremony will include the Red Carpet, speeches by distinguished guests, introduction about the International Jury of the "Tiantan Award" and nominated films, festival commencement announcement, and movie-themed cultural and artistic performance, among other elements.

  The Beijing Film Panorama will select roughly 500 outstanding films of varying subjects, varying styles and varying nationalities from around the globe, categorized under more than ten sections such as " Celebrating The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of People's Republic of China ", "1939 1959 2019: Adventure of Great Cinematic Times ", "the Belt and Road", " Premieres ", "Tribute" and " Focus ", and to be screened at 28 commercial theaters and 2 colleges..

  There will be six Theme Forums this year instead of four, namely "Chinese Films Forum for the 70th Anniversary year of the People’s Republic of China ", "Art Film Forum", "International Digital Cinema Technology Forum", "Internet Film Theme Forum", "China-India Film Co-Production Dialogue" and "International Film Market Forum". These exchanges will be further bolstered in their professional quality, expand in scope of audience, and serve to stimulate and promote exchanges and developments in both Chinese and foreign film industries.

  The Beijing Film Market will extend one extra day in duration and expand by 20% in area. A total of six industry dialogues and approximately 40 events & activities will be hosted. While the "Film Factor Trading Platform" and "Project Pitches Transaction Platform" will take center stage just as in the past, this year the addition of the new "Film Copyright Transaction Platform" will further augment the completeness of the industrial chain and highlight Beijing as a powerful and influential driving force in the Chinese film market.

  The Film Carnival will take place inside the State Production Base of China Film Group under the central theme of "Prosperous Nation, Peaceful Home, Brilliant Huairou" and consist of the six segments of film factors, interactive participation, configuration of a century-old history of films, cinema art hall of fame, parades of excellent film characters, reiteration of movie scenes, cinema science and technology experience, and movie-themed cuisines.

  Closing & Awards Ceremony will announce the achievements and results of the Film Festival, and reveal and present the winners of the various "Tiantan Award".

  The Indian Film Week is a special segment of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival and will be made up of activities such as China-India Film Co-Production Dialogue, China-India Filming Location Recommendation, Indian Film Screenings and Indian Film Poster Exhibition, among other components; the "Forward Future" Section aims to encourage new filmmakers, new productions and new creativity, and film critics will select the "Most Anticipated Film," "Most Anticipated Director" and "Most Anticipated Screenwriter" while the audience will vote for "Most Anticipated Film by the Audience"; the Documentary Section will include the five major segments of Review, Information Announcement, Forum, Solicitation and Exhibition and Screening to promote the growth and integration of the documentary industry; the Science and Technology Section will comprise of the five major segments of Special Effects Film Exhibition and Screening, Scientific Knowledge Education and Popularization Event, Selection of Outstanding Movies, Exhibition and Exchange and Academic Forum, while the "Best Audience-Recommended Film," "Best Film for Scientific Knowledge Education," "Best Film for Scientific and Technological Creativity," "Best Film for Special Effects Design" and "Best Scientific and Technological Film of China" will be selected; the Virtual Reality Section will focus on the cutting-edge of VR filming technology, and will include a trio of main segments, namely VR Film Exhibition and Screening, VR Film Selection and VR Film Forum. The Film Concert will revolve around the core "Ode to Spring  " and famous Chinese and foreign film scores and theme songs noted for depth of thought, pursuit of value and cultural profundity will be selected to create a film themed music and visual gala with Chinese characteristics and international quality. The "Classic Peking Opera Film" Section will organize press releases, premiers and other activities for a quartet of new classic Peking opera movies produced by the "Peking Opera Film Program".