Overview of 10th Beijing International Film Festival

  The Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) was founded in 2011. Following the principle of “Share the Screen, Shape the Future”, the BJIFF has succeeded with a premium start in leapfrog development, international presence and all-round upgrading over the past decade, and established its unique position and style of Master, Mass and Market. As a major platform for international exchanges, the barometer of the film market, incubator of rising stars and works, and Beijing’s cultural brand, the BJIFF has become Beijing’s most influential annual cultural festival around the globe, and played an irreplaceable role in the development of China’s film industry.

  With unremitting efforts and continuous accumulation, the BJIFF is growing fast every year in terms of celebrity guests, rating of works in competition and screening, successful incubation of pitching projects, wide range of trading factors at the Beijing Film Market, and depth of film forums and industry conversations. A total of approximately 5,000 entries from more than 90 countries and regions have been submitted to the Tiantan Award for competition, and about 50 globally renowned filmmakers from China and around the world have served as jury members of the award. Many quality works, such as the My Beloved Bodyguard, The Seventy-seven Days, Till the End of the World and Summer Detective, are produced via the project pitches platform of the Beijing Film Market. Moreover, the Beijing Film Market has had over 130 billion yuan worth of projects signed that cover the whole value chain, making it one of the biggest film markets in Asia. The Beijing Film Panorama has organized more than 7,300 events that screened approximately 3,000 highly artistic and engaging films, making it annual cultural hit in Beijing.

  The 10th BJIFF is hosted by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and China Media Group, and organized by Beijing Municipal Film Administration, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Beijing Radio TV Station and Huairou District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. Under the theme of “In Pursuit of a Shared Dream”, the festival is to be held in Beijing between August 22 and 29, 2020. In accordance with the regular prevention and control of the pandemic and actual requirements of Beijing’s agenda, the 10th edition will cut down the scale of offline events while keeping its highlights and innovative features, and innovate online functions. In this way, an unprecedented and eventful “Online BJIFF” will be presented. A series of events and activities including the Launch Ceremony, Beijing Film Panorama, Theme Forum and Beijing Film Market. The festival aims to contribute to Beijing’s development of “four centers” and film capital, national strategies, capital planning, industry development, and fulfill the public’s diverse cultural needs.

  Online BJIFF—Launch Ceremony. The Launch Ceremony will be pre-recorded, broadcasted on Beijing Satellite TV, CCTV-6 and live streamed at iQIYI.com. It consists of speeches by leaders of the organizing committee, introduction to events and activities, and announcement of Official Selection of the Tiantan Award.

  Online BJIFF—Panorama. The event is made up of TV Screenings, Online Screenings, Cinema Screenings and Outdoor Screenings. Specifically, 10 Chinese and 10 foreign classics will be broadcasted in rotation in each afternoon and evening on Beijing Satellite TV, BTV Movie & TV Channel and BTV Youth Channel. Approximately 250 quality Chinese and foreign films will be screened on iQIYI.com, where there will be virtual selection of seats, guests’ intros, and exchanges with casts and crews to increase sense of engagement, ceremony and interaction. Besides, 100 quality Chinese and foreign films will be screened for about 400 sessions at BJIFF’s partner cinemas. And there will be one screening session per day at outdoor squares of the Inside-out Art Zone, Wangjing SOHO, Gemdale Plaza and other places in Beijing.

  Online BJIFF—Theme Forum. Domestic and international guests will be invited to deliver speeches and have discussions about the 10th anniversary of BJIFF, development of artistic films, co-production and cooperation, film & TV education, film industrialization, 5G technology application and other hot and key topics. A series of forums including the Decade-long Devotion to Films — BJIFF 10th Anniversary Forum, Art Film Forum, Summit on the Beauty of Film and Chinese Film Industry Summit will be organized and presented on BJIFF’s official website, iQIYI.com and Beijing Satellite TV. Guests abroad will attend the forum via video communications.

  Online BJIFF—Market. Five major events covering the entire supply chain of the film industry, namely the Exhibition, Project Pitches, Industry Conversations, Events & Activities, and Contract Signing Ceremony, will be hosted. The Exhibition will be held in the form of “Online Beijing Film Market”, through which all business attraction will be carried out online. A 3D live exhibition system will be launched on BJIFF’s official website with multiple features such as online exhibitor display, online screening, video meeting, and online trading. Other events will be held both online and offline. The Project Pitches will organize online project review, training and guidance, and roadshow for final-round selection. As for the Industry Conversations and Events & Activities, there will be streaming of guests’ in-depth discussions about celebrity agency, young directors and other hot topics. In addition, offline activities will be livestreamed on BJIFF’s official website and iQIYI.com.

  Beijing College Student Film Festival. There will be a series of events including a College Student Original Film Competition, Young Writers’ Scripts and Creativity Competition, “Responsibilities and Endeavor” Original Short Video Competition, film exhibitions, academic exchange forum, filmmaking master class, and thematic conversations online, with an aim to offer college students popular “film class” and “professional education platform”, and highlight the passion, academic sense and cultural awareness of the festival.

  Online BJIFF—Together Again. Short films will be screened to show Chinese filmmakers’ resilience and bravery against the pandemic as well as their unity and pursuit as an invitation to filmmakers at home and abroad, media outlets and filmgoers to attend the 11th BJIFF. Related content will be played on Beijing Satellite TV, CCTV-6 and iQIYI.com

  Online BJIFF—Film+. Multiple activities will be carried out, such as the Exhibition on the 10th Anniversary, Online Beijing Ethnic Film Festival, Filmmaker eSports Contest and Online Classes. At the same time, an online platform will be available for BJIFF’s guests and users to inspect domestic and international studio lots and filming locations, and access related services.