Market Screening—More Exposure Opportunity for Your Films
  What’s market screening? 
  As the important carrier of copyright trading market in film festival, market screening plays a vital role in the world’s mainstream international film festivals. The film projects participating in the festival will be displayed to the industry professionals or interested buyers to realize the final transaction through the most intuitive film screening. The festivals enable the participating films more opportunities of “market exposure”.  
  In the past years, the international copyright sales of many high-quality films have been completed through film festivals. For example, the film Palm Springs by new talents was sold to the emerging film distribution company Neon and streaming media platform Hulu at the record-high price at the Sundance Film Festival; the distribution rights of Train to Busan 2: Peninsula, the sequel to Korean film Train to Busan, was sold to 15 regions in the European film market; Road Pictures won the distribution and copyright transaction of Shoplifters in Chinese market at the Cannes Film Festival; some Chinese films such as Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, Wild Goose Lake and Nina Wu have also achieved satisfactory copyright sales through market screenings at the film festival. 
  Successful copyright transactions are inseparable from the mature market screening network. According to official data from major film markets, about 1,464 market screenings of 857 films were held in the Marché du Film and about 1060 market screening of 751 films were held in the European Film Market in 2019; the American Film Market and the FILMART also organized more than 400 market screenings and 300 market screenings respectively in the same year. Due to the influence of pandemic in 2020, the volume of global film market still remained at a stable level despite slight decline. The Marché du Film launched about 1,200 online market screenings; European Film Market organized 971 market screenings of 732 films; the market screening in the American Film Market was more active in 2020 than that in 2019 with 465 screenings held online;  FILMART also organized 440 online market screenings. In 2020 when the global film production greatly decreased, the film industry was still full of great confidence and enthusiasm for market screenings. The online/offline market screenings at some major international film festivals also bring new opportunities for film trading despite the raging pandemic.
  The Beijing Film Market Department has always been committed to establishing a diversified communication platform for both parties in film copyright transactions. Market screening at the 11th Beijing International Film Festival aims to get more involved in the market demands, provide more possible solutions for the business demands in film project transactions including financing, post production, theatrical distribution and copyright sales, strengthen the connection of film industry chain, facilitate the industrial exchange and coordination to make more excellent films with market potential to be exposed in a broader market.
  Improve market exposure of your films here so that more glittering treasures to be unveiled.

  On the premise of copyright protection, the internal screenings will be provided based on the demands of all parties in the industry. Then, the Beijing Film Market Department will promote the supply-demand dialogue and cooperate with the film owners to promote all the relevant activities to realize the benign interaction in marketing screening. Online/offline internal screenings will be arranged in the strictly confidential way for the selected films and the film owners can decide on the screening of full film or 30-minute edited version according to specific demands.
  The market screening entry form at the 11th Beijing International Film Festival in 2021 has been available now and we sincerely hope you can seize the opportunity for broader market share. 
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