BJIFF Follow-up Interview Jiang Jiachen, Director of No Problem with Thought: Reflecting the Times from the Living Conditions of the Characters
  In August, 2020, Director Jiang Jiachen took the “semi-independent” film No Problem with Thought, which just went through the first edition editing, to participate in the Beijing Film Market Project Pitches of the 10th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF).
  The film tells about the confrontation between a father and his daughter caused by different ideas. Mr. Zuo, who has been divorced for many years, arranges a stable job for her daughter in the hometown in Northeast China, while his daughter who is a band member, only desires to pursue her career in the south. Thus, a wonderful contest between them is unfolded.
  Like many young directors, Jiang participated the Project Pitches with the aim to find funding and publicity for the film. He said: "Our team was doing content creation before, and we didn't have much experience in the work after shooting. Therefore, we need to present our work at the BJIFF to let more people know it and help the film go further."
  In the end, the film stood out among a legion of projects with its unique style of black humor and excellent production. No Problem with Thought starring Liang Long, Fan Shuaiqi and Xu Jieer won the "Overseas Promotion Award" at the 10th BJIFF. With the approval and support of Liang Jing, a member of the Second Round Jury, the director has established cooperation with the Seventh Art Pictures to pave the way for the follow-up work of the film. Now the film is under post-production revision and improvement.
  Next, let's take a look at the follow-up interview with Jiang Jiachen, the director of No Problem with Thought, winner of the 10th BJIFF Project Pitches Outstanding Award for WIP Category.
  Q: Why did you shoot your film in Northeast China? Can the unique regional culture bring unique style to the film? 

  A: As time goes by, Northeast China is also experiencing changes brought about by economic development. I have witnessed the changes of Northeast China during my growth from childhood to adulthood. The overall environment as well as people of all sorts have purveyed a cornucopia of materials for me. The creator needs to write and express based on the fact. Reflecting the times and the region through the film is my original intention.
  Q: What is the biggest gain from the BJIFF Project Pitches?
  A: For me, the biggest gain is the recognition of the jury. Although it is a little difficult to understand this black humorous comedy, the jury members present could get to know what I want to express. Ms. Liang Jing also gave me important guidance and help. The cooperation with the Seventh Art Pictures is the greatest outcome for the film, which solved all problems in post-production and publicity.
  Q: Do you have any message for the young directors who participate in the Project Pitches for the first time?
  A: The BJIFF is a platform where you can make friends, see new content, meet experts and tutors, and become visible in the film industry. Those who participate in the BJIFF for the first time are bound to be satisfied. Both being shortlisted and winning an award represent the recognition. Young directors can boost confidence and strengthen their belief. By doing so, they can go further, especially from the difficult start. That is the precious strength given by the Project Pitches of the BJIFF.
  Q: A brand-new section “Project Pitches Training” will be launched at the 11th BJIFF in 2021. On the basis of supporting financing negotiations for projects of the Project Pitches, it will enable young filmmakers to be fully prepared for the opportunities and challenges head-on through hands-on teaching and short film training. Please share your opinion about it.
  A: The section is well designed and targeted. I am very interested. Since I am a college teacher, I will recommend it to my students or creator friends who need it.
  Qualified pitching projects and WIP projects from the Beijing Film Market Project Pitches of the BJIFF will be connected with market resources, enabling new filmmakers to enter the market. It also puts forward guiding suggestions for young filmmakers' works, so that their dreams can be transformed to market-oriented projects that can attract investment and be screened. By assisting in distribution and publicity, their films can really be seen by the audience.
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